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I liek Squirtles 05-07-2014 04:54 PM

Poké Drama Island! v2
There is an island here. Upon first sight, it is not a particularly special island, but throughout the next few days, you will find this statement to be quite untrue.

On its facade there is a dock. Doubtless this dock has seen better days; presently it was beaten and weathered, with great holes in the wood and enough barnacles to feed a whale for a year clinging to the leg-posts. This dock was otherwise featureless, bar the equally worn sign that read in faded letters: "CAMP TIOD" Underneath this, in even more faded letters that no-one other than the writer could read at this point, were the words: "SEATED COMFORTABLY ON THE ISLAND OF DRAGONFLIES."

This dock led onto the island itself; there seemed to be a small settlement on the browning grass of jagged hills. There seemed to be a few rustic cabins scattered throughout, each looking less pleasant than the next; some sort of larger building, likely the where the administrators resided; and another large building, labeled "CAFETERIA." Based on the quality of the island itself, no-one was willing to bargain much on the quality of the food served on it. The hills directly behind were wide and rolling, dotted with little conifers and bushes. Jutting out of these pleasant little hills was a sharp, sinister cliff about as high as a twenty-story building. It was by far the darkest and most daunting feature of the island. And it isn't going away soon...

Welcome, future campers! This is the beautiful Camp TIOD, where you'll be living harmoniously (or not so harmoniously) for the summer. It's the best island resort this hundredth of Pokémon Reality TV's budget.

Want to be one of our campers? Follow these simple steps!

1) Send in an audition tape. Tell us about yourself, and why you want to compete! We're afraid it must be a tape because Pokémon Reality TV hasn't upgraded our tech stuff since Windows 2000 was a thing.
2) Each god-sponsor (you guys, the posters) can send in up to two (2) tapes. The possible combinations of tapes are:

-Boy & girl
-Boy & genderless
-Girl & genderless

We won't allow god-sponsors to nominate two campers of the same gender because we have strict equality quotas. We'll be accepting a total of 18
campers for this pilot season; if we receive more applications, we could bump up the number to twenty-two. However, because of the aforementioned
equality quotas, we can only do this if there are an equal number of boys and girls. Genderless contestants will be attributed to whatever gender has the lowest amount of members. Of course, we'd prefer if the participants were of the two identified genders. We don't know what's out there, either, so our equality policy allows us to let freaks of nature like, say, female Magnemite in the show.

Once you're accepted onto the show, you'll compete in a series of challenges for a shiny new trailer, and,000,000!
Obviously, only one camper will be able to win this, so at the end of each challenge, challengers will vote for whoever they decide. Further guidelines will be provided at the end of the first challenge.

OOC: Basically, I tried running this once before, but I was a stupid idiot. Now, both Majora and I will be running this, making decisions together. The challenges will be written by us; this is why we'd like the application posts of your nominees to be as complete and detailed as possible.

DarkAura 05-11-2014 11:17 PM

Re: Poké Drama Island! v2
Pignite Aidan (The Large Ham) Male

"My name is AIDAN, TOUGHEST POKEMON IN THE SOUTHERN ISLES. I come here to win! BRING IT ON!" Immediately after saying this, he unleashed a Heat Crash, causing the camera to fizzle out.

Buneary Naomi (The Self Aware) Female

The camera shook a little before showing Naomi clearly. "Greetings. My name, as you should know, is Naomi. I'm a Buneary, in case you're too feeble minded to know that. But, if you're watching a show like this, odds are you hardly have any neurons left to lose.

" As you could no doubt see from my incredibly subtle example of who I am, I'm one snarky, cynical, sardonic, intelligently bitter, reality grounded Pokemon. With that comes a superiority complex, I get that. Point is, nothing will get past me. Even the not so subtle exposition everyone somehow ignores. Logically speaking, there's no way for me to lose. Of course, this is Poke Drama, and it's anything but logical."

With that, the camera clicked off.

(Aidan means small ember and Naomi means bitter. Naomi's pretty much the Noah while Aidan is the comic relief)

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