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Default Re: Brendan Namron: Ace Attorney (Case 2 - one part left!) (Playable!)

Originally Posted by Ketsu View Post
I wonder, if Mars is the murderer, what's her motive?
If Mars is the murderer, her motive would have something to do with the last words she says to you in Platinum. ;)

Originally Posted by Ketsu View Post
If Silver appears then Gold must follow [...] because they're best friends now!
In my mind, Silver as he is now (in this case) definitely respects Gold and values him as a friend, largely due to what the latter taught the former. Gold may make an appearance in a future case.

Originally Posted by Kammington View Post
I'm almost expecting Silver to be the real murderer, and Mars is just a red herring. The clues just seem to be a bit on the obvious side.
Maybe I'll pull that sort of thing in another case, but I'll be frank: not this time. (I had most of the whole murder planned and it's only the second case. XD) Silver just happened to be passing through/staying at the hotel.

Seeing as most of you were happy to see him, I think I'll give him more screentime in future cases. XD Originally he was just here to give Brendan reasons to doubt things, but it didn't come out like I'd planned and it seems a shame to just pass him by now.

Originally Posted by Blazie View Post
Still reading, don't worry. =)

Originally Posted by Blazie View Post
I lol'd at the Spinarak's accent. Made no sense why he had it (to me, at least,) but it was amusing.
He's an insect and I wanted to pull the Peter Lorre gag. :P

Incidentally, I don't believe I've ever heard Lorre himself; instead, I've heard an impression of him from The Brave Little Toaster (the ceiling lamp in the parts shop). I can't remember who played him, but the actor is a talented impressionist (and voice actor in general); he also voiced the Air Conditioner. EDIT: Phil Hartman is said actor.

Originally Posted by Blazie View Post
And the next person he sees happens to have red hair and a blue Pokemon, haha. It was cool to see Silver, though; he will definitely be called to the stand, yes?
We'll see. :)

Originally Posted by Blazie View Post
I was happy that the forensics team wanted Skye back after they realized that she was awesome. =) And I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but I love Detective Slooth's name.
Believe it or not, that wasn't in the original script, but one of my biggest goals with this entire series is to tug at the heartstrings (excuse the cheesiness). As a result, I felt the need to edit in that bit of dialogue from Slooth, who previously mentioned that the forensics team was not happy when Skye first joined.

As for Slooth, it almost seems like a lazy name choice to me, but a friend known as Aeger gave me the idea for a pun with it, which I intend to use soon. :D

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! Keep watching, the final trial should be written soon! XD

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