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Default Re: Brendan Namron: Ace Attorney (Case 2 - one part left!) (Playable!)

Your comments have made it very clear to me that part four is a complete mess. I rushed it, and the holes that resulted are so big that you could get a Wailord to swim through them.

This is unacceptable to me. I refuse to allow any of my work to stand as half-baked, and I do not desire a story where the flaws get in the way of the message.

I have made my decision: I am throwing out EVERYTHING that I have written so far for part five, and much of (including virtually everything surrounding Skye in) part four will be scrapped and/or rewritten - if I don't scrap the part completely and start over. For the time being, the current version of part four will remain on this thread, so that new readers will know what's going on.

I intended to post this decision this morning, immediately after Butterfree's criticism post, but a church event I was helping with got in the way; as a result, an argument formed (again), and this time a user was banned. I claim all responsibility for this misfortune (regardless of whether it's for the best that the user is banned).

Turning my attention to the argument in question, I wish to express a few thoughts.

Originally Posted by marbychu
Yeah, Butterfree, just stop it okay? You're just jealous that you couldn't write something this good.
(Yes, I understand I'm responding to a now-banned user that some fear is a troll. This is therefore for the benefit of everyone else, as well as marbychu if he continues to read as a guest.)

Jealous my ass. First and foremost, I will not tolerate that kind of libel on my behalf. Butterfree is definitely a capable writer in her own right, with what appears to be an astounding grasp of plot structure and characterization (among other things), based on skimmings of her fiction and reading her feedback.

Few people have adequately explained to me what about this fic they think is "good". Let me be the first to admit that I do not think that this is a fantastic fan fic. It's in script format. The characters are inconsistent at times. I rely too much on music to set the mood. These are not qualities of good writing.

And hey, the ONLY EDITOR of the TV Tropes page is ME. Nobody else will touch it; this tells me that other tropers want nothing to do with the fic; surely they have a good reason.

So why do I do this? Because it's fun, and it can still appeal to people who enjoy this sort of thing. I enjoy it, and once in a blue moon I write a part that suddenly puts sand in my eyes. This fic exists because I want it; I post it here to (a) share it with you all, and give you the chance to "play the game"; and (b) ask for criticism on both the fic and my writing.

So, I think that's that in a nutshell. Let's move on.

The admin argument is just silly. Whether they're right or wrong, my policy is to respect admins and treat them like the leaders they are. If I disagree with them, the last thing I want to tell them is to "STFU". It is an arrogant, unintelligent, and undignified way of dealing with a person (admin or not!), as it is but an attempted insult to the ego.

If Butterfree somehow was demoted to (or never was anything but) a normal user, I believe I would accept her criticism the same way I am now; which is to say, I believe she is right. Her points all stand as valid, in my opinion, and I am not about to shoot her down just so I can continue with part 5 like nothing ever happened, with the illusion that part four is "awesome" as-is.

Originally Posted by marbychu
Yeah, those things suck.
How do you know? Have you read them? Skimmed them? Opened the thread at all? (rhetorical question)

Originally Posted by marbychu
Strife, please continue. And don't let Butterjerk get in your way.
Continue I will, in the form of going back and fixing things first. Name calling does nothing to assist with this decision; it instead makes me angrier at you. I hold that it is an immature tactic.

I am appalled at the direction this thread has taken over the course of the day, and I am very disappointed (who in, I will leave for you to decide). I can only hope that this sort of thing never happens again.

Now then, if I may be excused, I have a fic to fix.

Last thing: for those unaware, I am spending time in the IRC channel now (, #tcod). Drop in if you haven't already, I might be there.

Suggestions ARE welcome, and any I use will be given credit on the first post. :)

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