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Default Re: ASB Gift Exchange 2010

Originally Posted by Negrek View Post
The List

Respect the Blade
- [Axel] Absol (M) <Super Luck> from Silver
- [Keaton] Vulpix (F) <Flash Fire> from Barubu
- [King's English] Ralts (M) <Synchronize> with Automail Arm and a dawn stone from Blastoise
- One free card flip game at the Game Corner from Meowth
Yay presents!

Silver, thank you for the absol (why yes you really should smack the person you bought that for.)
Barubu, thank you for the surprise gift (I always wanted a vulpix.)
Blastoise, thank you for the Ralts and the Dawn Stone (which I had NO idea I was going to get)
And thank you for the free card flip game voucher thingy, Meowth.