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Default Re: Attacks and Abilities Guide

Originally Posted by Squornshellous Beta View Post
In the case of Imprison applying to Sleep Talk, does it only apply to Sleep Talk or does it also apply to the moves that it's called?

Same for other moves that can procduce variable results, I guess. Imprisoning Metronome, Assist, etcetera.
Imprison only applies to the base move--sleep talk, metronome, etc.

Originally Posted by I liek Squirtles View Post
Can Cursed Body disable actions? As say, Squirtle smacks Frillish with his tail. Would that be disables?

Originally Posted by Whirlpool View Post
I meant more an example of when that would happen, but that's enough.
It happens rarely, so it's hard to come up with an example... if the opponent were unwise enough to taunt a pokémon locked into an encore I would imagine that might happen, for example. If it becomes obvious that using that same move over and over again is patently ludicrous or only to the opponent's benefit, I suppose.
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