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Default Re: Attacks and Abilities Guide

Originally Posted by Zhorken View Post
How does this work? How do they stop feeling its effects?
Switching, probably.

Originally Posted by blazheirio889 View Post
Related to sres's question (this just came to mind): if a Pokemon is affected by the Bad Dreams ability, will a foe be damaged if it uses Dream Eater on it?

Originally Posted by Wargle View Post
Can Bad dreams and Nightmare stack on each other?

i.e: Someone is plagued by Bad Dreams and has Nightmare used on it, will the sleeper take damage from both?
They stack.

Originally Posted by Metallica Fanboy View Post
Are the opponent's stat changes accounted for when hitting substitutes?

e.g. if my opponent has used Iron Defense back and forth, would a physical attack do normal damage to their Substitute?
A substitute shares its creator's stat changes.