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Default Re: Attacks and Abilities Guide

Originally Posted by Zhorken View Post
Should Encore work on a Chill? (I reffed it that way once, but I'm using this as part of a strategy now so I want to double-check.)

Originally Posted by Lord of the Fireflies View Post
Okay now let's say the target has the iron barbs ability, it would be quite hard not no touch the spikes, wouldn't it?
Yes, in that case you would be hard-pressed not to take damage every action.

Originally Posted by thunder View Post
What would happen if you used acupressure on your own substitute.
It won't have any effect. If a pokémon with a substitute used acupressure on itself, the attack would work as normal.

Originally Posted by Karkat Vantas View Post
Does Chill count as a move for the purposes of Copycat?
Yes, but if there's a restriction on chilling and the copycatter has already used all of its alotted chills, the copied chill will fail.

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