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Default Re: Referee Headquarters

A new ref test is available in the first post. Thanks to pathos for question 15, and to sreservoir for submitting a question, although it was too complex to be used.

Below is the previous test, with answers. Seven people attempted this one, and three eventually passed.

1. If a player receives a DQ warning, what should you do in addition to posting a warning in the battle thread?

Send them a PM and/or VM about it.

2. Last round, player A attacked first, and their pokémon used trick room. Who attacks first this round, player A or player B?


3. A chansey is sent into battle and is knocked out by its opponent without managing to KO any pokémon. What prize(s) does it receive at the end of the battle?

1 EXP, 1 happiness.

4. In a 3vs3 set single battle, a player's first pokémon uses U-turn. Does it switch out or not?

It does.

5. You're reffing a battle with a damage cap of 35%. One of the pokémon in battle has taken 33% damage already from its opponent, and on its last action, it makes a 10% substitute. After that, it takes no further damage. How much will its health decrease this round overall?


6. A charmander with no speed modifiers uses double team. How many clones does it make, and how much energy does it use to make them?

I accepted between 4 and 6, for as much energy.

7. An electrike uses thunderbolt on a wingull. What multiplier is applied to the attack's damage as a result of type matchups?


8. A skorupi uses poison sting against an opponent and scores a critical hit. How much extra damage does the attack deal to the opponent, assuming the opponent isn't immune to poison attacks? How much extra would it deal if the skorupi's ability were sniper?

1%, 10% with sniper.

9. In a double battle, a pokémon uses blizzard to strike both its opponents. What base power is blizzard considered to have?


10. A pokémon uses thunder wave on a target that is already badly poisoned. Assuming the target is not immune to paralysis or electric attacks, what happens?

It becomes paralyzed in addition to being poisoned.

11. Name one attack that has an upkeep energy cost.

Reflect, light screen, or safeguard.

12. A trainer uses two pokémon in a single battle, both of them holding lucky eggs. One manages to KO one opposing pokémon, and the other is knocked out before it can KO any opponents. How much EXP do they each get?

1 EXP and 3 EXP, respectively.

13. In a double battle, two pokémon gang up on an opponent that has a substitute. One uses thunder wave. The other uses encore. At the end of the action, is the pokémon with the substitute encored, paralyzed, both, or neither?


14. In a battle with a 40% damage cap and no banned moves, a pokémon uses horn drill. If the attack hits its target, how much damage will it do?

Enough for the target to hit the cap (40% also accepted).

15. A magikarp uses splash in battle. What does the attack do?