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Default Re: Eifie vs. Superbird

Format: 2 vs. 2 double
Style: set
DQ: 5 years (or maybe 7 days, whichever comes first)
Damage Cap: 49%
Banned/Restricted Moves: idk man I just want to battle on a giant pizza OHKOs are banned. Direct recovery and chills are okay, with the caveat that a Pokémon is much more susceptible to being horribly knocked around (for example SHOVED OFF THE PIZZA OH NO) in the action while using them. Any move that requires outside resources can work given that the user can find a way to make it work using the pizza and things that could feasibly be pizza toppings (so if you want a slice of tomato, say so and giant pizza's got your back, but you're not going to be able to find water anywhere. but perhaps you could make surf work with a wave of molten cheese :o)
Additional Rules: Only unevolved Pokémon that have yet to evolve are allowed to behold the majesty of this gigantic pizza. I will be using Pepper (Wingull) and Wheelbarrow Dumpling or something (Swinub). Superbird will be using Houndour and Rufflet.
Round 2
Pre-Round Stats
Eifie (OO)
Currently out: Pepper | Wheelbarrow Dumpling

Female Wingull [Keen Eye + Aroma Veil] @ Sachet | Male Swinub [Oblivious] @ Lucky Egg
Health: 92% / Energy: 87% | Health: 82% / Energy: 87%
Status: Stable | Stable
Condition: Wet, not ripped. | Trying to comfort his Substitute out of its existential horror.
Mud Sport/Earthquake/Ice Beam@Megabird ~ Stealth Rock/Earthquake/Ice Beam@Megabird ~ Hail/Earthquake/Ice Beam@Megabird
Tailwind/Water Sport/Uproar ~ Hurricane/Icy Wind/Uproar ~ Hurricane/Icy Wind/Uproar

Wheelbarrow Dumpling's Substitute
Health: 10%

Superbird (OO)
Currently out: Deru | Megabird

Female Houndour [Flash Fire] @ Lucky Egg | Male Rufflet [Sheer Force] @ Lucky Egg
Health: 84% / Energy: 87% | Health: 83% / Energy: 90%
Status: 1- Speed. Flash Fire activated. | 1+ Attack, 1+ Defense
Condition: Slowly struggling his way out from under the giant olive. | Wet AND ripped.
Taunt@Wheelbarrow Dumpling/Dig ~ Heat Wave/Taunt@Wheelbarrow Dumpling/Flamethrower@Wheelbarrow Dumpling ~ Flame Charge@Wheelbarrow Dumpling
Sunny Day ~ Sky Drop@Deru (up) ~ Sky Drop@Deru (down) + Tailwind

We are battling on a giant motherfucking PIZZA sailing through the motherfucking GALAXY. Inspired by my dream of ASB reopening, which was probably inspired by Kratos. idk what happens if you fall off, somebody else decide lol it is up to the ref but some ideas are instant KO, instant damage up to the damage cap, instant massive damage ignoring the cap, or less damage and losing an entire round as they teleport back to the pizza (at minimum). You can't eat the pizza because it has anchovies on it and that's just gross, but something like a large boulder or a Draco Meteor could totally blow a hole in it. Flying types and hovering things are just as susceptible to falling off the pizza as anybody else, but can fly and hover normally while on it, because anime physics or something.
Arena status: It is raining (4 more actions). The temperature over the pizza is strangely diphasic, cooler towards the surface and warmer away from it, although the two fronts are slowly equalizing. Some of the moisture in the pizza is already lost, and it's just beginning to harden up.


Commands were issued in a haste as the rainwater started to pool in the pizza, making it grow thick and viscous.

Perhaps fortunately, it wasn't for long. Megabird commanded the cosmos with an echoing shriek, and the intense light of a star (relatively) nearby pierced through the rainclouds, ending the downpour. Now this pizza was cooking again. And soon, the excess moisture would be evaporated away, leaving the arena once more crisp and ready to be eaten (theorically). But just before things could get un-soggy, Wheelbarrow Dumpling took the chance to filth up a nice patch of humid cheese, and then started to quite literally pig around in it. After a good half minute of intense rolling, everyone in the arena, trainers and refere included, were caked in probably the grossest cheese anyone's ever made. Metallica Fanboy quickly stored up some samples, figuring that they'd rack up an awesome price in Kalos.

The slick substance proves helpful not only to friend but also to foe, as it helps Deru to make a lubrificated escape from underneath the giant olive, although it would be a while before her legs felt less mashed. Readying up the smack talk, the Swinub decides to lead with that... But halfway through, she realizes that the Swinub isn't even listening. He's just lying down and sniffing his teammate's obnoxious yet strangely relaxing scent. Of course the stupid thing brought a bag full of calming fragance. Of course. Deru would be so mad, if she weren't also smelling the pacifying aroma.

Having verified that the opponent wasn't out and about to steal anything, Pepper got started with her own move. First, she doubled back and started flapping her wings frantically, stirring the limited atmosphere around the pizza into motion. Then, swiftly moving with the built-up momentum, she approached her foes and started whirring up more wind, but this time, it was full of cooling droplets. Superbird's team had absolutely no time to react before they were pummeled by the chilly breeze.

Meanwhile, Wheelbarrow Dumpling approached the discarded olive, ready to give it new life and use. He stomped the ground, and the large fruit was suddenly covered in cracks. Soon, it resolved into a thousand jagged pieces, and the Swinub controlled them, creating a swirling ring of them around Deru and Megabird.

The former of them finally managed to start attacking -- not having the benefit of a favourable wind while also harboring the penalty of legs spaghetti made it difficult to even get started before everything else was finished in a flash. Still, both opponents were good and lined up, and so, he started breathing a wave of burning-hot air. Even the attack was badly hampered by the wind blowing in the opposite direction, but the Houndour's impressive power prevailed, as was clear by the fact that Wheelbarrow Dumpling's Substitute was already melting back into pizza topping.

Just as soon as the attack finished, her teammate started to move. With a swoop, he grabbed her with his talons, rising up into the air. Unfortunately, he couldn't help swinging her into the pointed floating olive shards, although he managed to avoid them himself. In any case, a few seconds later, he was nearing the top of the pizstratos, ally in tow. Pepper had tried to attack them with another flurry of cold wind before they could make it, but it was too late.

Wheelbarrow Dumpling gazed up, waiting for the time to move. His command was clearly meant to be used after everyone else had moved. Megabird gazed down, waiting for the time to move. His command was clearly meant to be used after both opponents had finished their attacks. They patiently waited for the other to make a move, and by the time they'd realized the problem and started to change their plans, the referee's flag was already down. End of round. All the while, Deru kicked her legs in protest, but accomplished nothing.

Round 2 – End

Post-Round Stats
Eifie (OO)
Currently out: Pepper | Wheelbarrow Dumpling

Female Wingull [Keen Eye + Aroma Veil] @ Sachet | Male Swinub [Oblivious] @ Lucky Egg
Health: 82% / Energy: 76% | Health: 82% / Energy: 79%
Status: Stable | Stable
Condition: Describing in explicit detail what will happen to those two once they get back here. | Frustrated, hot and bothered.
Performed: Tailwind ~ Icy Wind ~ Icy Wind (missed)
Mud Sport ~ Stealth Rock ~ nothing

Wheelbarrow Dumpling's Substitute
Health: 0%

Superbird (OO)
Currently out: Deru | Megabird

Female Houndour [Flash Fire] @ Lucky Egg | Male Rufflet [Sheer Force] @ Lucky Egg
Health: 78% / Energy: 78% | Health: 78% / Energy: 83%
Status: 1- Speed. Flash Fire activated. Being flied high. | 1+ Attack, 1+ Defense, 1- Speed. Flying high.
Condition: Awed by the stupidity of this situation. | Feeling quite awkward.
Performed: Taunt (no effect) ~ Heat Wave ~ nothing
Sunny Day ~ Sky Drop@Deru (up) ~ nothing

Arena status: The cosmos are alight and cooking this pizza up (3 more actions). The temperature in the pizzasphere is now uniform, and rather warm. Everyone is caked in gross cheese that acts like mud (2 more actions). There's a large exposed patch of tomato sauce where Wheelbarrow Dumpling performed Mud Sport. The "ground" on the pizza feels fresh, as if it had just been cooked. A favourable wind is weakly blowing behind Eifie's team (1 more action).

Additional notes:
- Taunt could not affect Wheelbarrow Dumpling due to Pepper's Sachet.
- Heat Wave could not be used at the same time as Icy Wind because, at the second action, Pepper was almost four times faster than Deru, so really. Anyways, it still broke Wheelbarrow Dumpling's Substitute.
- Icy Wind in the third action missed because both targets were up in the air from Sky Drop.
- In the third action, Wheelbarrow Dumpling and Megabird were both instructed to wait for all opponents to move, and so, both of them sat there waiting until the end of the round. Deru also couldn't move because Megabird didn't drop her.
- For future reference, coming down from Sky Drop takes a full action.
- The Speed drop from Rock Tomb faded away at the end of the round.
- Superbird commands first next round.

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