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Originally Posted by Arylett Charnoa View Post
One of my battles is about to end. So here's a thing. It is Xenosaga themed and ridiculously elaborate. I doubt anyone here has played the series before and this is probably a poorly thought out arena and will end up being my doom because I never think things through all that well. Oh well! Fun is fun.

Iíd just like to say that donít sweat it if you havenít played the games. This challengeíll be fun even if you havenít, especially if you like GIGANTIC MECHA.

And a note for the referee. If you havenít played the games, Iím providing links to the relevant pages on the Xenosaga Wiki. Use your own judgement for flavor text and such based on my descriptions. I won't mind whatever it is you decide to do. However, you can also feel free to ask me at any time during the battle about the Xenosaga series and I will answer any questions you may have.

3vs3 Single
Style: Set
DQ: 20 days..
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned Moves: Nothing is banned. Direct recovery moves may be used, but they are subject to the damage cap. Meaning that they will only heal up to 35% per round. OHKO moves will only do up to 35% damage in a round as well. Also, each Pokemon sent out has a limit of three chills.

Arena: The Elsa

This is a sleek blue and white spaceship floating above whatever planet Asber is on. It was mighty kind of the gruff Captain Matthews to let us use his ship to battle... except wait. He hasn't, and we've actually snuck into it whilst it was landed in Asber's spaceport?

Yep, that's right!

We're battling in a very spacious hangar for the (Robotic mecha machines as tall as buildings typically piloted by two people) And because they don't know we're here... (hee hee hee), we can use them for our ridiculous Pokemon battle!

It takes one action to command a Pokemon to get into an E.S., by the way, and you can only command them to get into the E.S. on the first action of every round. So no Fire Blast ~ Get in the E.S. ~ Fire Blast.

The Pokemon is the main pilot, whilst the trainer is the co-pilot. Although this has no mechanically relevant effects and is largely just flavor.


There are four to choose from and each of them has its own strength and weakness.

Whilst in an E.S., a Pokemon can use any of the moves available to its moveset.

Additionally, each E.S. will change the Pokemonís type completely whilst inside of it and disable its natural <Ability>.

All of them will also make a Pokemon consensually flying because they have the ability to fly. Thanks to their extensive weapon systems, they amplify a Pokemon's power in addition to giving them special moves that might not have access to ordinarily. All of them grant a Pokemon access to up to three special moves, the first one of which the Pokemon is able to use the moment they enter the E.S. The other two, however, must be unlocked in circumstances that might happen later in the battle.

Quite long post
E.S. Dinah (DEE-NAH)
A white sleek and graceful machine that is all around offensively balanced.
  • Type: Changes your Pokemon's type to Psychic/Steel.
  • Stat Changes: Whilst inside the Dinah, the Pokemon gains +1 Special Attack and +1 Attack, but also -1 Special Defense and -1 Defense.
  • Move Advantage: There is a random chance (itís basically a coin flip between the two categories of attacks) every action the Dinah is being used that either Special or Physical moves will have their damage output increased by 2%.
  • Special Moves: The Pokemon also starts off being able to use the move Technoblast (which is always Psychic-type when used by the Dinah).
    Later on, two additional moves can be unlocked:

    Origin Pulse

    A move unique to the Dinah and courtesy of its weapon systems. When using this move, the Dinah pulls out its gigantic ass laser gun and shoots a thick ivory laser at the opponent.
  • Psychic-type | Special
  • Base Power: 10%, This move operates like Psyshock/Psystrike. In which the attack itself is Special, but it targets Defense rather than Special Defense.
  • Energy: 6%.

E.S. Asher
A gigantic bulky purple beast of a machine made for blasting your enemies' brains out.
  • Type: Changes your Pokemon's type to Dragon/Steel.
  • Stat Changes: Whilst inside the Asher, the Pokemon gains +1 Attack, +1 Defense, but -2 Speed.
  • Move Advantage: Any multi-hit moves have their damage output increased by 2%. This is only added in once, and not per hit.
  • Special Moves: The Pokemon also starts off being able to use the move Technoblast (which is always Dragon-type when used by the Asher).
    Later on, two additional moves can be unlocked:

    Thousand Arrows

    Gatling Gun
    A move unique to the Asher and courtesy of its weapon systems. When using this move, the Asher pulls out its large machine gun and shoots multiple volleys at the opponent.
  • Steel-type | Physical | Multi-Hit (can hit 2-5 times)
  • Base Power: 2%. Damage is 2.5 times the number of hits and it ignores Reflect.
  • Energy: Varies, depends on the number of hits.

E.S. Zebulun
A small, feminine pink girly machine made for precision and Ether (special) attacks.
  • Type: Changes your Pokemon's type to Fairy/Steel.
  • Stat Changes: Whilst inside the Zebulun, the Pokemon gains +2 Special Attack, but -2 Defense.
  • Move Advantage: Any moves that involve beams have their damage output increased by 2%.
  • Special Moves: The Pokemon also starts off being able to use the move Technoblast (which is always Fairy-type when used by the Zebulun).

    Later on, two additional moves can be unlocked:

    Searing Shot

    A move unique to the Zebulun and courtesy of its weapon systems. When using this move, the Zebulun blasts out several pink beams of energy in rapid succession. It is considered a beam move.
  • Fairy-type | Special | Multi-Hit (can hit 2 to 5 times)
  • Base Power: 2%, Damage is 2.5 times the number of hits and it ignores Light Screen.
  • Energy: Varies, depends on the number of hits.

E.S. Reuben
Not to be confused with a sandwich. An agile lean and green machine that looks like an epic samurai and uses two gigantic samurai swords as a weapon.
  • Type: Changes your Pokemon's type to Fighting/Steel
  • Stat Changes: Whilst inside the Reuben, the Pokemon gains +2 Speed, but also -2 Special Attack.
  • Move Advantage: All blade and sword-based moves have their damage increased by 2%,
  • Special Moves: The Pokemon also starts off being able to use the move Technoblast (which is always Fighting-type when used by the Reuben).

    Later on, two additional moves can be unlocked:

    Precipice Blades

    Four Heavens
    A move unique to the Reuben and courtesy of its weapon systems. When using this move, the Reuben slashes four times in rapid succession at the opponent with its two swords. Considered a sword/blade type move.
  • Fighting-type | Physical
  • Base Power: 10%. This move is Physical, but targets Special Defense. Like a reverse Psyshock/Psystrike.
  • Energy: 6%

There is, however, a catch to using the They have a unique energy source known as an Anima Relic, which can only be fully compatible with certain people. Whilst Pokemon can use them just fine for some time, they and their trainers can only handle being within them for so long. Thus, they can only remain in the E.Ses for two rounds (six actions) per usage. After that, a Pokemon can get back in them after five actions have passed. Once a Pokemon gets into an E.S. though, they and their trainer cannot get out until the six actions have passed.


We canít forget though that nobody knows weíre here yet and these loud noises are bound to attract attention! At the beginning of every round after the first round, there is a 35% that someone will hear the battle happening. If this happens, one of the original pilots of an E.S. that is being used, chosen at random, will come down into the hangar and prevent you from using their E.S for the entirety of that round. So if somebody commands their Pokemon to jump into one of the E.Ses and the RNG determines that the pilot of that particular E.S. hears this and comes down on that round, their Pokemon will be forced out of the E.S. and won't be able to follow any commands for the rest of the round whilst their trainer haggles with the pilot.

After some haggling with the pilot, you will be allowed to immediately use the E.S. again. Not only that, but the pilot will grant you access to one of the special moves the E.S. can use!

This will continue until every pilot has come down into the hangar, in which case the 35% chance of them coming down will cease to be a thing and the combatants will be able to use the freelyÖ. Of course, the six actions per usage limitation and the five action "recharge" time to use will still remain in place.

The unlocked moves can only be used by the Pokemon whose trainer was haggling with the pilot. However, the other trainer will be able to access them as well by speaking to the pilot. It takes one action to speak with a pilot and convince them to grant to access to their particular move. There is a 75% chance that they will grant you access to the move, but you may not be able to sufficiently convince them and so, there is still that chance of failure.

Dinah Pilots
  • Shion Uzuki - A brainy brunette scientist who is gentle and kind, but also kind of emotional. Main pilot of the Dinah.. She will NOT be pleased with your Pokemon piloting the Dinah at first, thinking itís absolutely absurd, and will react negatively. Sheís pretty stubborn too, but she does love the idea of scientific experiments and is also quite curious. You just have to convince her that this will get her some nice data on the Dinahís capabilities and it is good for science. Once you do, she will grant your Pokemon access to the Dinahís signature move, Dorade.

  • KOS-MOS - A blue-haired female android created by Shion Uzuki. Co-pilot of the Dinah. KOS-MOS is emotionless and logical, so convincing her to use the Dinah will require logic. Telling her about the practical benefits of defeating the enemy team will likely get her to come around eventually. Once you have convinced her, she will teach your Pokemon how to access Origin Pulse weapon to make your battle more efficient.

Asher Pilots
  • Jr. Ė An energetic red-haired gun-toting boy with a fiery personality to boot. Main pilot of the Asher. He wouldnít usually object to this sort of thing, and would probably think it was awesome. However, upon watching your PokemonísÖ less than stellar piloting skillsÖ he objects on the basis that he really thinks that he could do better battling the opponent in the E.S. You have to convince him not to step into the battle and that your Pokemon can handle it, really. Of course, heíll probably scoff at you for a bit, but will allow the battle to continue normally because perhaps it could be very interesting indeed. Once youíve convinced him, heíll teach them how to access the Asherís big guns, Gatling Gun.

  • chaos (His name is ALWAYS spelled in all-lowercase)- A mysterious white-haired youth with an extremely calm demeanor. Co-pilot of the Asher. Just like Jr., he wouldnít usually mind somebody else using his E.S. But he would try to stop your Pokemon from using it due to being concerned about its effects on their health, due to the adverse effects the Anima Relics can have. Just tell him that everything will be fine, and the battle wonít last too long. Heíll still not be convinced for a bit, but heís a pretty passive person, and will back off sooner or later. Once heís been convinced, to help the battle go by faster, he will teach your Pokemon how to access Thousand Arrows.

Zebulun Pilots
  • MOMO - An adorable pink-haired Realian girl with the appearance of a 16 year old, which is really just an artificially created human. The main pilot of the Zebulun. She is quite perky and cheerful, and has a childlike personality. MOMO doesnít like unnecessary fighting, and objects to these adorable creatures hurting each other in machines. Just let her know that these creatures love to fight and itís what makes them happy, and then sheíll teach your Pokemon how to access the Zebulunís signature move Schwalbe in order to make them even happier!

  • Ziggy (AKA Ziggurat 8) Ė A cyborg that has lived over 100 years and has a very serious demeanor and policelike discipline. Co-pilot of the Zebulun. Heís seen a lot of things in his day, so heís always calm and isnít easily rattled. However, there is one thing that bothers him, and thatís the possibility of his close friend MOMO being bothered by the E.S. possibly being damaged. In this case, if someone is piloting the Zebulun, Ziggy will ALWAYS be chosen to be the one who arrives first. Let him know your Pokemon is a delicate driver. Really, heís a reasonable guy, and heíll come around eventually. Once he does, heíll teach your Pokemon how to access the move Searing Shot to allow the Zebulun to defend itself from incurring any further damage from the other

Reuben Pilots
  • Jin Uzuki Ė Shion Uzukiís brother, and uniquely, the Reubenís sole pilot. He is a black-haired man who wears green robes and carries around a samurai sword of his own. A massive badass. Jin is a graceful and very powerful battle-hardened swordsman. He is pretty calm about most things, and is even kind of a trickster. However, handling his E.S.esí sword takes a lot of power, and he really doesnít think your Pokemon is well-suited to do that. Heís pretty possessive about his blades. Youíll have to convince him that your Pokemon, with a little more training and practice, can handle it. Then heíll teach your Pokemon how to access the Reubenís signature move, Four Heavens.

  • Citan Uzuki - This character isnít actually native to Xenosaga, but rather, is from Xenogears. However, in my headcanon, he is Jinís uncle. A highly intelligent man who dresses in green and looks and acts a lot like Jin, even having a similar battle style and piloting a similar mech. Citan is awesome and he is good at everything that ever existed, but because he is afraid of hurting others, he often restricts his own abilities. Although he doesnít technically pilot the Reuben, he will still pop out of nowhere and stop you from using it anyway, thinking that the immense power of the Reuben needs to be contained for fear of others getting hurt. Reason with him for a bit and reassure him that nobodyís going to get hurt, and really, your Pokemon is being careful as can be. Once you convince him, he will unlock a move that even Jin Uzuki didnít know his own E.S. had: Precipice Blades.
Since what was my only currently running battle has now ended, I suppose I ought to pick another up. Since this looks interesting, and I'm too lazy to think up a challenge of my own at the moment, I'll take it.
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