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Default Re: Asber Arena Archive

Abandoned Stone Factory

This arena is situated in the dilapidated warehouse of a factory employed at one time to make evolution stones. It was evacuated about 25 years ago- possibly after some sort of accident, nobody knows. All they do know is there's radiation from the stones they worked with everywhere and the place is in terrible shape. After a lot of inspection and research by guys with Geiger counters and lead suits, the radiation was declared harmless to humans and Pokémon. People who insist on entering for whatever strange reason are now allowed to do so. However, the radiation, though harmless, has some... interesting effects on Pokémon. Due to its intensity it can randomly mutate Pokémon into an entirely different species. At the end of each round, both Pokémon will evolve at random into anything, from Magikarp to Tyranitar. Pokémon may move back and forth along the evolution scale, by any number of spaces, but may not change into any Pokémon within the same family twice in a row (e.g. Machop -> Krookodile or Dragonite -> Caterpie are legal, but Sandile -> Krookodile or Dragonite -> Dratini are not). Typing and movepools will shift to accommodate their new form, but abilities, status effects and stat changes remain after evolution (except where burned Pokémon evolve into Fire types or poisoned Pokémon evolve into Poison or Steel types.) There are also samples of the factory's erstwhile stock lying under the rubble, meaning that Pokémon have a 5% chance of discovering a random evolution stone each action. These are forbidden from being removed from the premises, but trainers will be remunerated by $1 for each stone confiscated at the end of battle. The dilapidated nature of the arena also means that vigorous attacks that upset the ground or structure will cause bricks to crumble away, and there is a 30% chance that the falling rocks will hit a battling Pokémon, dealing 5% Rock damage.

Other: No water, so fish Pokémon are not recommended; however there are many large chunks of floor gouged out that could be filled up.
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