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Default Re: Asber Arena Archive


Although most likely not the real Atlantis, the drowned city of Atlantis in which this battle takes place shares a frightening amount with its namesake. The fact that both ended up underwater, for example - and that both were tremendously prosperous beforehand. The city was so well-built that most of its buildings have not been too badly harmed, even at such great depths; rust and algae coat the majority of the structures, sure, and sponges grow on the smaller houses, but towards the upper limits of the buildings things look shockingly pristine. Since most of the city is made of skyscrapers - thousands of feet high on average, towering way above the miniature houses below and many made of pure glass, made hard enough that many of the walls remain intact; here and there, the tallest of skyscrapers was made of actual diamond, and nothing has managed to corrode those. This leads to quiet a beautiful underwater view.

Of course, so far underwater - the tallest of skyscrapers being nearly 3,000 feet tall and still not even nearing the surface of the ocean - none of this would, normally, be seen. No sunlight reaches this far down, and the fish and pokemon are all used to darkness. This is one of the most brilliant aspects of Atlantis: it's a city of light.

Each of the skyscrapers is topped with a lightningrod, acting much like the pokemon ability. The rods are connected to dozens of gemstones fitted into the building walls, making it appear as if the buildings themselves glow. Since, of course, lightning doesn't often strike so deep below the surface, it's common courtesy for pokemon to come by and flash a thunder wave or two to light up the area.

Since Atlantis is nearly always bathed in light, it's considered poor hunting grounds - and by the same means, great protection for young. It's a rare day to not find tiny newborn chinchou flitting about, or a wailmer hiding in one of the taller skyscrapers, holding its breath before it needs to return to the surface.

Notes: For the duration of this battle, a protective force-field has been erected surrounding Atlantis. The field lets in/out all but living creatures, so pokemon that need to breathe will not be able to get through and reach the surface (meaning yes, they will suffocate).

All attacks used by water-dwelling pokemon do 1% more damage and cost 1% less energy; attacks used by pokemon not used to being in water do 1% less damage and cost 1% more energy.
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