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Default Re: Asber Arena Archive

I'm just going to start a post and edit it as ideas surface, this way I can organize things under theme headings

The Arenas of Loathing
(A Brief History of the Kingdom of Loathing)
The Kingdom of Loathing was once a pleasant place, where all the citizens loathed one another equally, and nobody caused too much trouble. Under the gentle rule of King Ralph XI, peace had prevailed for as long as anybody could remember.

One fateful Porktober morning, a Sorceress came to the Kingdom. A Naughty Sorceress. A Naughty Sorceress who was clearly up to no good, and, even more clearly, up to plenty of bad. King Ralph sought to expel the Naughty Sorceress from his Kingdom, but she imprismed him in a black crystalline shard of curdled magic. It was very dramatic.

Monsters emerged from their hidey-holes to terrorize the citizens of Loathing, and larger monsters emerged from their larger hidey-holes to terrorize those monsters, all under the control of the Naughty Sorceress.

In the King's absence, The Council of Loathing convened to attempt to impose order on the Kingdom. Their success was limited, however, to imposing their will on adventurers who came to the Kingdom seeking fame, fortune, or quality products at reasonable prices. And, as you've probably guessed by now, one of those adventurers is you!
The Haunted Conservatory
In the never-ending search for his father's Holy MacGuffin, The Omskivar began an undertaking so intricate and extensive it made him wish he could just go back to high school and retake AP Calculus. Spookyraven Manor, the ghost-ridden tourist trap pride of Seaside Town, loomed over the ever-present fog that surrounded it. This mansion of the occult, located on the Right Side of the Tracks, just past the Gourd Tower, boasts much more than a horror-filled weekend the whole family can enjoy, for inside, one of the greatest mysteries of the entire Kingdom of Loathing lies waiting to be revealed...

Outside, however, there's plenty of room for combat! The Haunted Conservatory is an expansive graveyard, the final resting place of the Spookyraven family's long list of deceased pets. Like the majority of the manor, and sometimes the manor itself, the pets (as well as other conservatory residents) are still a bit...restless. At the beginning of every round, one of these creatures will wander onto the field, and if hit, either by an attack that missed or an attack with an area of effect, they will retaliate by using a single attack on their assailant:

1. The skeletal cat will use Shadow Claw.
2. The skeletal monkey will use Force Palm.
3. The skeletal hamster will use Hyper Fang.
4. The skeletal alligator will use Crunch.
5. The man-eating plant will use Razor Leaf.
6. The confused goth music student will use Metal Sound (he has a pocket theremin).

The monster at the beginning of the round will be chosen at random, and can be the same multiple rounds in a row.

Misty Terrain is always in effect at the Haunted Conservatory, and the only weather effect that will work is Rain Dance. Additionally, all Bug and Fighting types have a 50% chance at the end of each round of discovering a hidden scroll, which grants them a unique attack for the duration of the battle. This attack is the Dance of the Spooky Mantis; it is identical to Shadow Punch, except way cooler.

Finally, there is a 10% chance at the end of every round for each Pokemon to happen upon an anglerbush and grab a handful of meatberries, regaining 5% health and 5% energy. Pokemon with the abilities Glutton, Cheek Pouch or Harvest regain 7% of each instead.
The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert
In his Kingdom-wide search for his father's Holy MacGuffin, The Omskivar braved the expanse of The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert, which is exactly what it sounds like: a constantly-shifting mass of sandy dunes, rife with danger in the forms of rock scorpions, giant giant centipedes, and plaques of bronzed and honey-dipped locusts. What better use for this mesa of malice, but a Pokemon battle? Why, none! So battle we shall!

Sandstorm is always in effect while battlers are in the Arid, Extra-Dry Desert, however Rock-types do not receive the Special Defense boost; the weather cannot be changed. Thankfully, The Omskivar managed to pull some strings at The Shore, the local cruise line, through a contact in his guild, the Department of Shadowy Arts and Crafts, and so both battlers are wearing their UV-resistant compasses. The harsh weather is, unfortunately, the least of their worries, for at the end of each round, each Pokemon will receive an effect at random. The effects are as follows:

Tenuous Grip On Reality: The lack of water and beating sun will cause the Pokemon to go mildly insane, ruining their concentration. The afflicted battler will suffer a -3 Special Attack drop that cannot be removed (but does not ignore the ±6 limits), and Psychic attacks will cost 1.5x the normal amount of energy to perform.
Turned Into A Skeleton: The harrowing sandstorm gives the Pokemon a really, really deep exfoliation. When it's done, all that's left is skin and bones, only without the skin. While still able to battle, the Pokemon's weight is halved, and any Physical attack made against them has an additional stage added to its critical hit ratio.
Sunburned: The battler is afflicted with a horrible sunburn. Because it hurts to move, attacks that require movement have a default -1 priority, so long as their priority is neutral. Priority moves keep their priority, but have a flat 2% recoil.
Missing All Your Teeth: The Pokemon stumbles upon a half-buried, irradiated shack, and scavenges a piece of anticheese. 5% health is restored, but all of their teeth fall out; this prevents the use of biting moves, and all additional moves that require use of the mouth or mouth-analogue cause 1/3 recoil damage (special moves included, a la Flamethrower, Ice Beam, etc.).
Red Door Syndrome: Gnasir and his Gnome Gnomads have spilled a cagn of black paignt ogn the Pokemogn, causing a thick coat to set ign. All damage is reduced by 2% after all calculatiogns, but no attacks cagn miss the affected Pokemogn.

These effects stack, and cannot be removed by any attack or action. At the end of the third round, the battlers will happen upon the elusive Oasis, where they can take refuge from the desert and drink from the clear water. This removes all effects and reinvigorates the battlers, restoring 5% energy each, and the next round (every fourth round) will be fought here. Here there is a water source, and instead of an irremovable sandstorm, an unchangeable Sunny Day is in effect. At the end of an Oasis round, no effects are given. The cycle then repeats itself, with new effects being rolled for after the next two rounds; in this way, a Pokemon can have no more than two effects at any one time.
Oil Peak
Tasked by the Council of Loathing to assist the Highland Lord, Black Angus, The Omskivar braved the vast Orc Chasm, fighting his way through the Smut Orc Logging Camp, to discern what the Kingdom's minor noble required. Alas, the three signal fires had gone out, and the pizza delivery driver was unable to find his way to the Highland Lord's house. The journey to remedy this misfortune took The Omskivar to the highly pressurized Oil Peak.

Oil Peak is an enormous mountain, upon the side of which the battle will take place. Covering the peak is a thick layer of oozing, bubblin' crude. Oil, that is. Black gold. Texas tea. There are pools of oil in craters that can accommodate aquatic Pokemon, but for each action they are swimming in it they will take 1% poison damage per action. Fire-type attacks are probably a bad idea--exactly how bad is up to the ref. Pokemon with an open flame anywhere on their bodies also need to be careful. As the entire mountain is covered in the stuff, Water-type attacks or Ground-type attacks that require an external source of water or mud will become Poison-type attacks. Any actions spent Digging through or Diving in the oil will also result in 1% poison damage, and since there's a thick oil all over the mountain, moves requiring rocks or ground from anywhere will take 2% extra energy to pull up. Moves that shake the ground have their power halved. The mountain is under an extreme amount of pressure, and damage to the arena may result in geysers of oil. The base damage of Poison-type attacks is doubled on Oil Peak (this does not apply to Water or Ground attacks that were converted to Poison by the arena).
A Bone Garden
Rather than somewhere far across the Kingdom, reachable through only some daring adventuring, this battle takes place right in an adventurer's backyard--in the middle of their bone garden. Grown from a packet of dragon's teeth, carefully tended, the garden consists of a large patch of skeleton bones, growing from the ground. The irrigation system could be tapped into for a water source, with a bit of effort, but there is no place for aquatic Pokemon here. This isn't a graveyard, mind you, just a simple home garden, with a unique crop.

At the beginning of each round, a skeleton will unearth itself near each Pokemon's current position. There are five types of skeleton, and there is an equal chance of each skeleton appearing to either battler; however, one Pokemon can not roll the same skeleton twice in a row. Identifiable by what they are wearing, these skeletons will spend the round assisting their respective battlers:

1. The Skeletal Warrior, with his rusty sword and shield, will lower the opponent's Attack until the end of the round, as if it had the ability Intimidate. Each action, it will then strike the opponent for a flat 3% damage.
2. The Skeletal Cleric, with his tattered mitre and flail, will strike the opponent with holy light for 2% Fire-type damage each action. At the end of the round, it will bless its battler with 5% HP.
3. The Skeletal Wizard, with his gnarled wooden staff, will strike the opponent with blasts of cold air for 2% Ice-type damage each action. At the end of the round, it will restore 5% energy.
4. The Skeletal Rogue, with his black cloak and pair of knives, will hide both itself, an illusory copy of itself, and its battler under cardboard boxes, effectively creating two Double Team clones for its battler which disappear at the end of the round. These clones can only be destroyed by actual attacks, not simple tricks like rain or looking for shadows.
5. The Skeletal Buddy,with his T-shirt reading "The Weasel," is your best friend. He's got your back. Whether you need to teach your small-town relatives to open their minds, to show an unfrozen caveman how to fit in in this modern world, or to figure out how to get out of jury duty and into the army, he's your man. The Skeletal Buddy acts as a 5% HP Substitute for its battler until the end of the round.

At the center of the garden is a Humongous Buried Skull. If hit by a poorly-aimed attack or a widespread attack, there is a 20% chance that the Skulldozer will unearth itself and bring a world of pain to the offending Pokemon, Skulldozing it for 10% typeless damage.

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