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Default Re: Meursault vs Superbird

Round Two

Meursault (OOO)
Delve (F) Levitate, Trace (Defiant)
Health: 87%
Energy: 87%
Status: Up against Agnes. On a serious nature kick. Grass-type.
Commands: Foul Play ~ Giga Drain ~ Giga Drain

Malmö (F) Synchronize
Health: 72%
Energy: 91%
Status: Up against Amaterasu. Rubbing her lip angrily. Badly poisoned (3% this round).
Commands: Reflect ~ Mimic (Foul Play) ~ Foul Play

Usagi (F) Magic Guard
Health: 100%
Energy: 92%
Status: Up against Bill. Discouraged. Leech Seeded (-1% health per action; +1% health to Bill per action).
Commands: Psych Up @Bill ~ Double-Edge ~ Double-Edge

Superbird (OOO)
Agnes (F) Defiant
Health: 86%
Energy: 90%
Status: Up against Delve. Slightly ruffled.
Commands: Whirlpool ~ Round @ [I trust your judgment] ~ Icy Wind

Amaterasu (F) Quick Feet
Signature Attribute: Sun Demigoddess
Health: 69%
Energy: 86%
Status: Up against Malmö. Sort of dancing in place. Quick Feet activated. Badly poisoned (3% this round). Spd +1.
Commands: Protect / Galestorm ~ Psych Up @ Bill / Iron Tail ~ Iron Tail

Bill (M) Bulletproof
Health: 85%
Energy: 86%
Status: Up against Usagi. Plotting havoc. Att +6.
Commands: Dig(up) ~ Round @ [I trust your judgment] ~ Iron Head

The aboveground members of Team Superbird eye Delve suspiciously. Delve raises an eyebrow, not sure what their deal is. She’s just here to beat some people up, after all. Dipping into the still-familiar power of the dark, she surrounds Agnes in a translucent shell of sinister energies, then injects a powerful provocation into her mind. Enraged, the Piplup finds herself striking out toward Delve with considerable force … except the energy is somehow bending her flippers in impossible ways, turning each blow back upon her. Unprepared for this trick, Agnes struggles to break free of the mental manipulation, and only when she is good and bruised does the energy fade. Delve, though a little surprised at the power of the attack, nods to herself for a job well done.

From Island Two, Amaterasu shoots the Gastly a confused look; not sure what to do in this situation, she just kind of shuffles awkwardly in place. Much to her consternation, Malmö is taking advantage of her inaction by means of constructing a golden dome of light, which expands quickly until it encompasses both of her teammates as well. Both Delve and Usagi admire the screen in appreciation. Agnes is less impressed, and decides to work around this new obstacle through use of less physical powers. With a gesture of her flippers, she sends some seawater slithering through the air, snake-like, to surround Delve, who, thanks to her new typing, isn’t particularly bothered. It’s a little annoying, not being able to move freely, but it’s not bad.

On Island Three, the ground practically explodes. Like an impatient zombie, Bill springs out of the earth, catching Usagi by surprise. His claws have been sharpened to points, and even though they’re slowed by the golden expanse of Reflect, they slash across the Cleffa’s body, sending her reeling and screaming. She lies still for a moment, too stunned to move … and eventually she pulls herself together. Her chest expands and contracts as she breathes in quick puffs, remembering the strength of the blow, the sharpness of claws, the savagery of the deep. Bill’s eyes narrow, and somewhere in his frenzy he wonders if he’s made a mistake. Sometimes, Usagi thinks, if you strike someone down, they become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

This is nice, Delve thinks, but right now she has more important things to do, like steal her enemy’s life. She goes back to pulling orbs of energy out of Agnes’s body, making the Piplup’s bruises grow darker, and consumes them happily. Nature sure is the way to go. Amaterasu shoots her a disgusted look. How dare she leech off a valiant teammate like Agnes? She won’t stand for this injustice. As Usagi did moments ago, Amaterasu thinks of Bill’s enhanced abilities, imagining the rush of power in the dark. And imagination becomes reality: her claws grow pointed, her teeth elongate, and the adrenaline in her veins pulses like a dull roar. The power is intoxicating, but she won’t give in. She can’t.

Malmö glances from the tough little Poochyena to the shimmering screen that separates them. She isn’t entirely impressed, and she starts to open her mouth … but immediately she’s overwhelmed by twin bellows from the adjacent islands. Bill begins first, using a deep, bone-chilling baritone, and Agnes, compelled to join the song, immediately chimes in with her own voice. The two waves of pure sound pound against Malmö’s eardrums, and she sinks to her knees, clutching her head until the pulsing pain has reduced to a loud ringing in her ears. Shaking, she stands up. She wasn’t even going to do anything sneaky, sheesh! Instead she casts her mind back in time, back to a minute ago, when Delve was the one being sneaky. Her hands wipe across the air in front of her, mimicking the motions Delve used for Foul Play, barely noticing as her Cleffa teammate rams into a surprised Bill with astonishing force, and eventually letting it be once she has an idea of how it works.

While a little flattered by this, Delve is more interested in delving into the life-eating business once more. She cackles in delight as more green orbs pop themselves into her mouth like candy, much to Agnes’s displeasure - the Piplup has taken enough damage that the brunt of this attack has to be waved away by the ref’s magic flag. However, Agnes is broken, not bent, and she responds with a breath of fresh Antarctic air. The gust of snowflakes, undulating in the ocean breeze, nevertheless strikes true, and Delve shivers as the chill sinks into her gasses, slowing her ethereal metabolism. Yet another thing that bothered her less as a true ghost. It can’t be her fault, though. Agnes must just be jealous. Delve has to win this, she has to! Her resolve invigorates her toward further strength, and she itches to make her next move …

On Island Two, Amaterasu is finally ready to strike. As before, she whips her glowing tail around toward Malmö, but this time, her aim is off, and she hits only thin air. Malmö allows herself a brief smirk, then launches her offensive. With considerable effort, she manages to reproduce Delve’s use of Foul Play, first surrounding Amaterasu with dark energy and then implanting an equally dark suggestion in her mind. Amaterasu, already enraged, tries to bite and claw at her foe, but thanks to unnatural geometry, she ends up biting and clawing at herself instead. The damage is far more extensive to her than it would be to a normal Poochyena, and by the time the effect fades, she’s left panting, covered in bite marks.

Island Three sees its battlers a little more balanced. With a savage roar, Bill leaps forward, his head glinting with an iron sheen, and rams into Usagi, sending her spinning even with the slowing effect of Reflect cushioning the blow. She rubs her cheek, then glares. Without fanfare, she returns the favor, slamming recklessly into him with a battlecry of her own. Bill’s head snaps back, and it takes a moment before he can snarl in anger. Usagi just grins at him, feeling perverse glee at making him feel sweet pain.

Above, the sunlight dims a little, and clouds reappear gradually in the sky. Amaterasu slows down, but not by too much, what with the poison in her system still driving her. One thing’s for sure: this isn’t over yet.

Meursault (OOO)
Delve (F) Levitate, Trace (Defiant)
Health: 88%
Energy: 76%
Status: Up against Agnes. Prepping herself for her next move. Grass-type. Behind a Reflect (2 more actions). Trapped in a Whirlpool (2 more actions). Att +2, Spd -1.
Actions: Foul Play ~ Giga Drain ~ Giga Drain

Malmö (F) Synchronize
Health: 45%
Energy: 80%
Status: Up against Amaterasu. Darkly satisfied. Reflect active (2 more actions). Badly poisoned (4% next round). Foul Play Mimicked.
Actions: Reflect ~ Mimic (Foul Play) ~ Foul Play

Usagi (F) Magic Guard
Health: 85%
Energy: 72%
Status: Up against Bill. Caught up in a power rush. Behind a Reflect (2 more actions). Leech Seeded (-1% health per action; +1% health to Bill per action). Att +6.
Actions: Psych Up ~ Double-Edge ~ Double-Edge

Superbird (OOO)
Agnes (F) Defiant
Health: 51% (capped)
Energy: 79%
Status: Up against Delve. Irritated with grass-types in general.
Actions: Whirlpool ~ Round (Malmö) ~ Icy Wind

Amaterasu (F) Quick Feet
Signature Attribute: Sun Demigoddess
Health: 40%
Energy: 74%
Status: Up against Malmö. Longing for justice. Quick Feet activated. Badly poisoned (4% next round). Att +6.
Actions: nothing ~ Psych Up (Bill) ~ Iron Tail

Bill (M) Bulletproof
Health: 50% (capped)
Energy: 71%
Status: Up against Usagi. Growling. Att +6.
Actions: Dig (up) ~ Round (Malmö) ~ Iron Head

Arena Notes:
- Delve and Agnes are on Island One.
- Malmö and Amaterasu are on Island Two.
- Usagi and Bill are on Island Three; there is a tunnel leading deep into the ground.

- Delve’s health: 87% - 3% (Whirlpool) + 7% (Giga Drain) - 1% (Whirlpool) + 7% (Giga Drain) - 8% (Icy Wind) - 1% (Whirlpool) = 88%
- Delve’s energy: 87% - 5% (Foul Play) - 3% (Giga Drain) - 3% (Giga Drain) = 76%
- Malmö’s health: 72% - 12% (Round) - 12% (Round) - 3% (bad poison) = 45%
- Malmö’s energy: 91% - 2% (Reflect) - 1% (Mimic) - 1% (Reflect) - 6% (Foul Play) - 1% (Reflect) = 80%
- Usagi’s health: 100% - 9% (Dig) + 2% (Shell Bell) - 10% (Iron Head) + 2% (Shell Bell) = 85%
- Usagi’s energy: 92% - 6% (Psych Up) - 7% (Double-Edge) - 7% (Double-Edge) = 72%
- Agnes’s health: 86% - 14% (Foul Play) - 14% (Giga Drain) - 14% (Giga Drain) = 51% (capped)
- Agnes’s energy: 90% - 1% (Whirlpool) - 6% (Round) - 4% (Icy Wind) = 79%
- Amaterasu’s health: 69% - 26% (Foul Play) - 3% (bad poison) = 40%
- Amaterasu’s energy: 86% - 6% (Psych Up) - 6% (Iron Tail) = 74%
- Bill’s health: 85% - 18% (Double-Edge) - 18% (Double-Edge) = 50% (capped)
- Bill’s energy: 86% - 4% (Dig up) - 6% (Round) - 5% (Iron Head) = 71%

Other Notes:
- Speed order: Delve (70) > Bill (57) > Amaterasu (52) > Malmö (50) > Agnes (40) > Usagi (15).
- Delve’s Foul Play was a critical hit.
- Bill and Usagi were both waiting so that the other would go first. Eventually, since Bill couldn’t tell if Usagi was doing anything, he ended up moving first.
- Bill’s Dig was also a critical hit.
- Since Delve had already moved on the second action and so was in no danger of using Taunt, both Rounds targeted Malmö.
- Icy Wind lowered Delve’s speed, and thus sharply raised her Attack thanks to Traced Defiant.
- Iron Tail missed.
- Amaterasu’s speed boost disappeared when the sun faded at the end of action 3.

Next Round:
- Meursault commands
- Superbird commands

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