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Default Re: Meursault vs Superbird

Round Three

Meursault (OOO)
Delve (F) Levitate, Trace (Defiant)
Health: 88%
Energy: 76%
Status: Up against Agnes. Prepping herself for her next move. Grass-type. Behind a Reflect (2 more actions). Trapped in a Whirlpool (2 more actions). Att +2, Spd -1.
Commands: Taunt/Giga Drain/Uproar (3 actions) ~ Taunt/Giga Drain/Uproar (2 actions) ~ Taunt/Giga Drain/Uproar (1 action)

Malmö (F) Synchronize
Health: 45%
Energy: 80%
Status: Up against Amaterasu. Darkly satisfied. Reflect active (2 more actions). Badly poisoned (4% this round). Foul Play Mimicked.
Commands: Foul Play/Double Team/Future Sight ~ Foul Play/Icy Wind/Dream Eater ~ Foul Play/Icy Wind/Dream Eater

Usagi (F) Magic Guard
Health: 85%
Energy: 72%
Status: Up against Bill. Caught up in a power rush. Behind a Reflect (2 more actions). Leech Seeded (-1% health per action; +1% health to Bill per action). Att +6.
Commands: Double-Edge/Sing @Amaterasu ~ Icy Wind/Double-Edge/Sing @Amaterasu ~ Icy Wind/Rain Dance/Iron Tail

Superbird (OOO)
Agnes (F) Defiant
Health: 51%
Energy: 79%
Status: Up against Delve. Irritated with grass-types in general.
Commands: Brick Break ~ Ice Beam x2

Amaterasu (F) Quick Feet
Signature Attribute: Sun Demigoddess
Health: 40%
Energy: 74%
Status: Up against Malmö. Longing for justice. Quick Feet activated. Badly poisoned (4% this round). Att +6.
Commands: Iron Tail ~ Iron Tail / Poison Fang ~ Sunrise

Bill (M) Bulletproof
Health: 50%
Energy: 71%
Status: Up against Usagi. Growling. Att +6.
Commands: Worry Seed ~ Iron Head ~ Drain Punch

Delve and Amaterasu both start of the round be waiting for someone else to move, leaving Bill to pick up the slack. He collects himself just long enough to flick a long, thin seed in Usagi’s direction, and it quickly sinks deep into her skin, tapping its little roots into her bloodstream and leeching off her very power. Usagi’s little hands shake at the feeling of something crawling around inside her, and she rubs her arms furiously, trying to get at an unscratchable itch.

Malmö feels for Usagi, she really does. But sadly, she is too busy enjoying her new toy to be of assistance. Energy surrounds the sun pup for a second time, and a deliciously nasty provocation is the cherry on top. Amaterasu is nearly beside herself with rage, and her attempted onslaught on Malmö only leaves Ammy heavily battered and bruised. When the red fades from her vision, she pants - the battle is really taking its toll on her at this point. Still, she waits for the right moment, watching as Agnes leans in to inspect the Reflect … pumps her fists around in preparation … and suddenly deals quick strikes to a single exact spot, one-two-three. These blows deal some damage to Delve, but more importantly, as the final punch lands, the shield grows quickly-spreading cracks from that spot, branching out and creaking like collapsing ice, before shattering into shards of light. Delve blinks, having the distinct feeling that things are beginning to spiral out of control, but nevertheless, since she can see that Agnes hasn’t Protected, she launches into some sneering remarks toward her penguin foe, saying that breaking a wall of light doesn’t mean anything, don’t you know that, you dumb bird? And though she smirks when steam comes out of Agnes’s ear holes, she wonders what she’s just done.

With a grateful bark to Agnes, Amaterasu rushes forward, tail glowing brightly once again. It descends violently on Malmö with a metallic clang, and the Kirlia chokes as the cold iron burns her skin. Her vision swims as tears fill her eyes, and she hugs herself, trying to make the pain go away. Amaterasu watches her, feeling a little bad but still self-assured that Malmö deserved it for making her attack herself. Meanwhile, Usagi, finally coming to grips with the plant in her system, gives Bill what-for through a powerful tackle, disregarding her own safety. Normally her powers would protect her from the backlash, but this time there’s nothing to keep her from bruising her arm. And there’s nothing keeping the other seed in her system from working, either - Bill leers as his Leech Seed seeps a tiny bit of health from her to him.

Over on Island One, Delve isn’t liking the look in Agnes’s eye. So she drains her of some more tasty health, enjoying the fruity taste of pain. Agnes isn’t amused, and proceeds to shoot Delve with her ice laser, making her shiver from the sheer cold. Delve is pretty back-and-forth on her grass typing right now. How can it make lunch taste better and dessert taste worse at the same time? At least the Whirlpool around her is dying down, with its circular waves splashing to the ground, no longer sustaining themselves.

Island Two sees similarly straightforward action. Amaterasu, knowing she needs to make every hit count, runs forward with bared fangs. Malmö’s eyes widen, but her outstretched hand doesn’t deter the Poochyena; instead, it simply serves as a target, which Amaterasu happily latches on to, sinking her teeth in and pumping more poison into Malmö’s system. Shuddering, Malmö pushes her away with a quick blast of cold wind. The chill seeps into Amaterasu’s bones, slowing her down but not taking her out for the count just yet.

On Island Three, Bill’s head glints with a steely shine. With a wild battle cry, he rams right into Usagi, catching her unawares and knocking the wind out of her. Instinctively, she curls into a ball, too stunned to do much else. Bill grins a triumphant grin at this accomplishment, baring his teeth, and kicks her while she’s down … well, punching her would be more accurate. Tendrils of energy rush up his fist at the contact, refreshing him just enough to satisfy him. In some part of his mind that’s still rational, he figures that as long as Delve is using Giga Drain again way over on Island One, there’s no reason why he can’t join in the life-force-sucking fun. He doesn’t consider, though, that Agnes is retaliating with another ice laser, but perhaps he should have: Usagi, pulling herself together, blows a chilly wind in Bill’s direction, slowing his metabolism (though not his rage).

Malmö, in the meantime, has targeted Amaterasu with another bone-chilling Icy Wind. The pup shivers, having been pushed to the edge of consciousness, but she isn’t out of the running yet. She looks to the side, noticing that Usagi has moved already. Tapping into her divine powers, she calls upon the might of her Celestial Brush, and streaks of color blossom in the air, gold and crimson. The tendrils of ink shoot sunward, and everyone watches as the sky changes color in their wake, full of pinks and golds. They vanish from sight, but a second later, the sunlight flares with renewed vigor, bathing the battlers in warmth. Amaterasu wags her tail, pleased at a job well done, though she knows she will have to do something decisive. Soon ...

Meursault (OOO)
Delve (F) Levitate, Trace (Defiant)
Health: 67%
Energy: 66%
Status: Up against Agnes. Still hungry. Grass-type. Att +2, Spd -1.
Actions: Taunt ~ Giga Drain ~ Giga Drain

Malmö (F) Synchronize
Health: 10% (capped)
Energy: 65%
Status: Up against Amaterasu. Planning on putting the pup out of her misery. Badly poisoned (5% next round). Foul Play Mimicked.
Actions: Foul Play ~ Icy Wind ~ Icy Wind

Usagi (F) Magic Guard Insomnia
Health: 49%
Energy: 61%
Status: Up against Bill. Caught up in a power rush. Worry Seeded. Leech Seeded (-1% health per action; +1% health to Bill per action). Att +6.
Actions: Double-Edge ~ flinch ~ Icy Wind

Superbird (OOO)
Agnes (F) Defiant
Health: 23%
Energy: 65%
Status: Up against Delve. Bent on making her pay. Taunted (1 more action).
Actions: Brick Break ~ Ice Beam ~ Ice Beam

Amaterasu (F) Quick Feet
Signature Attribute: Sun Demigoddess
Health: 5% (capped)
Energy: 59%
Status: Up against Malmö. Tired. Quick Feet activated. Badly poisoned (5% next round). Att +6, Spd -1.
Actions: Iron Tail ~ Poison Fang ~ Sunrise

Bill (M) Bulletproof
Health: 32%
Energy: 60%
Status: Up against Usagi. Not cooling off. Att +6, Spd -1.
Actions: Worry Seed ~ Iron Head ~ Drain Punch

Arena Notes:
- The sun is shining brightly (5 more actions).
- Delve and Agnes are on Island One.
- Malmö and Amaterasu are on Island Two.
- Usagi and Bill are on Island Three; there is a tunnel leading deep into the ground.

- Delve’s health: 88% - 7% (Brick Break) - 1% (Whirlpool) + 7% (Giga Drain) - 13% (Ice Beam) - 1% (Whirlpool) + 7% (Giga Drain) - 13% (Ice Beam) = 67%
- Delve’s energy: 76% - 4% (Taunt) - 3% (Giga Drain) - 3% (Giga Drain) = 66%
- Malmö’s health: 45% - 24% (Iron Tail) - 16% (Poison Fang) - 4% (bad poison) = 10% (capped)
- Malmö’s energy: 80% - 6% (Foul Play) - 1% (Reflect) - 4% (Icy Wind) - 4% (Icy Wind) = 65%
- Usagi’s health: 85% - 6% (Double-Edge) + 2% (Shell Bell) - 1% (Leech Seed) - 21% (Iron Head) - 1% (Leech Seed) - 10% (Drain Punch) + 2% (Shell Bell) - 1% (Leech Seed) = 49%
- Usagi’s energy: 72% - 7% (Double-Edge) - 4% (Icy Wind) = 61%
- Agnes’s health: 51% - 14% (Giga Drain) - 14% (Giga Drain) = 23%
- Agnes’s energy: 79% - 4% (Brick Break) - 5% (Ice Beam) - 5% (Ice Beam) = 65%
- Amaterasu’s health: 40% - 26% (Foul Play) - 5% (Icy Wind) - 5% (Icy Wind) - 4% (bad poison) = 5% (capped)
- Amaterasu’s energy: 74% - 6% (Iron Tail) - 4% (Poison Fang) - 5% (Sunny Day) = 59%
- Bill’s health: 50% - 18% (Double-Edge) + 1% (Leech Seed) + 1% (Leech Seed) + 5% (Drain Punch) - 8% (Icy Wind) + 1% (Leech Seed) = 32%
- Bill’s energy: 71% - 2% (Worry Seed) - 5% (Iron Head) - 4% (Drain Punch) = 60%

Other Notes:
- Speed order: Delve (70) > Malmö (50) > Bill (47) > Amaterasu (42) > Agnes (40) > Usagi (15).
- Malmö hit the damage cap on the second action.
- Usagi flinched on the second action.
- Amaterasu hit the damage cap on the third action.

Next Round:
- Superbird commands
- Meursault commands
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