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Default Re: Meursault vs Superbird

Round Four

Meursault (OOO)
Delve (F) Levitate, Trace (Defiant)
Health: 67%
Energy: 66%
Status: Up against Agnes. Still hungry. Grass-type. Att +2, Spd -1.
Commands: Taunt @Amaterasu ~ Taunt @Agnes ~ Giga Drain

Malmö (F) Synchronize
Health: 10%
Energy: 65%
Status: Up against Amaterasu. Planning on putting the pup out of her misery. Badly poisoned (5% this round). Foul Play Mimicked.
Commands: Protect ~ Draining Kiss/Protect ~ Draining Kiss

Usagi (F) Magic Guard
Health: 49%
Energy: 61%
Status: Up against Bill. Caught up in a power rush. Worry Seeded. Leech Seeded (-1% health per action; +1% health to Bill per action). Att +6.
Commands: Body Slam ~ Hyper Voice @Agnes ~ Double-Edge

Superbird (OOO)
Agnes (F) Defiant
Health: 23%
Energy: 65%
Status: Up against Delve. Bent on making her pay. Taunted (1 more action).
Commands: Round @ Malmö / Protect / Blizzard x3

Amaterasu (F) Quick Feet
Signature Attribute: Sun Demigoddess
Health: 5%
Energy: 59%
Status: Up against Malmö. Tired. Quick Feet activated. Badly poisoned (5% this round). Att +6, Spd -1.
Commands: Headbutt / Hyper Voice @ Delve / Protect x3

Bill (M) Bulletproof
Health: 32%
Energy: 60%
Status: Up against Usagi. Not cooling off. Att +6, Spd -1.
Commands: Round @ Malmö / Drain Punch x3

Tensions are high, even with the pretty sunrise colors in the sky. So it comes as no surprise when Delve decides to escalate the mood. While her Kirlia teammate tosses up a translucent shield that defies any hope of penetration, the Gastly sneers at Amaterasu about how she won’t last another minute, and that she can’t possibly walk away from this one. Amaterasu snarls, though her legs tremble, and she prepares to attack. It doesn’t matter who, as long as she can just get at someone, so she looks back at Delve, takes a deep breath, and howls so loudly that even those who aren’t targets wince. Delve, though, takes the full force of the sound waves, and she grinds her fangs at the unpleasant noise. Maybe being a plant isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Seeing their teammate’s apparent safety for the moment, Bill and Agnes turn their attention to their own opponents. Agnes spreads her wings wide and focuses on the ancient memories of her ancestors’ old habitats, where the Antarctic sang with snow. The wind here sings, too, dropping dozens of degrees and freezing the moisture in the air into flakes that buffet Delve, who does her best to hunker down and bear the storm amidst shivers. Through ice-crusted eyes, she glares at Agnes, as if to say “You’re next.”

Meanwhile, Bill and Usagi exchange blows, with Bill treating Usagi to another life-sucking punch and Usagi dishing out some damage of her own, slamming into him so hard that . They glare at each other. Bill is wheezing, his health getting closer to a dangerous level; Usagi, though not quite so damaged, is really starting to feel her bruises.

The other battlers are already on each other. Delve, feeling lucky, tosses some more insults in Agnes’s direction, questioning whether she calls that stuff cold - she’s never been warmer in her life, she lies. Agnes, who had just been starting to calm down, feels her temper flare up again - but she’s of sound enough mind to look over to Island Two in alarm, where Malmö is sauntering over toward Amaterasu. Ammy, exhausted, can only watch as Malmö leans in, eyes fluttering with savage sweetness, and kisses her deeply. All of the pup’s remaining strength floats away, and she collapses into a fuzzy heap, embracing unconsciousness.

Bill and Agnes look on in horror. Several drawn-out exclamations of “nooo” are heard. But even as Superbird is recalling the brave Poochyena, they know what they have to do. Agnes strikes up a soprano melody, and Bill, drawn to the power of the music, immediately finds himself adding his menacing bass. The harmony reverberates in the air, magnifying as the two voices interact. Malmö, caught in the middle, kneels as the noise storms over her, and her vision dims as she can no longer endure. With a shudder, she gives in to the blackness.

The music fades. The Kirlia is recalled. Everyone looks at each other. Usagi, not wanting to be left out, throws her hat into the ring with a scream that could shatter glass. Her target, Agnes, winces at the assault; when the sound fades to silence, the Piplup works past the ringing in her ears to give Usagi a bird’s approximation of a thumbs-down. Usagi pouts cutely.

Meursault (OXO)
Delve (F) Levitate, Trace (Defiant)
Health: 40%
Energy: 58%
Status: Up against Agnes. Getting good at her jeering. Grass-type. Att +2, Spd -1.
Actions: Taunt (Amaterasu) ~ Taunt

Malmö (F) Synchronize
Health: 0%
Energy: 61%
Status: Knocked out!
Actions: Protect ~ Draining Kiss

Usagi (F) Magic Guard Insomnia
Health: 41%
Energy: 51%
Status: Up against Bill. Hoping the others liked her singing. Worry Seeded. Leech Seeded (-1% health per action; +1% health to Bill per action). Att +6.
Actions: Body Slam ~ Hyper Voice

Superbird (OXO)
Agnes (F) Defiant
Health: 14%
Energy: 52%
Status: Up against Delve. Fed up with everything. Taunted (2 more actions).
Actions: Blizzard ~ Round (Malmö)

Amaterasu (F) Quick Feet
Signature Attribute: Sun Demigoddess
Health: 0%
Energy: 55%
Status: Knocked out!
Actions: Hyper Voice (Delve) ~ nothing

Bill (M) Bulletproof
Health: 25%
Energy: 50%
Status: Up against Usagi. Singing the song of angry men. Paralyzed (severe, 23% chance of full paralysis). Att +6, Spd -1.
Actions: Drain Punch ~ Round (Malmö)

Arena Notes:
- The sun is shining brightly (2 more actions).
- Delve and Agnes are on Island One.
- Island Two is empty.
- Usagi and Bill are on Island Three; there is a tunnel leading deep into the ground.

- Delve’s health: 67% - 11% (Hyper Voice) - 16% (Blizzard) = 40%
- Delve’s energy: 66% - 4% (Taunt) - 4% (Taunt) = 58%
- Malmö’s health: 10% + 3% (Draining Kiss) - 12% (Round) - 12% (Round) - 5% (bad poison) = 0%
- Malmö’s energy: 65% - 2% (Protect) - 2% (Draining Kiss) = 61%
- Usagi’s health: 49% - 10% (Drain Punch) + 2% (Shell Bell) - 1% (Leech Seed) + 2% (Shell Bell) - 1% (Leech Seed) = 41%
- Usagi’s energy: 61% - 5% (Body Slam) - 5% (Hyper Voice) = 51%
- Agnes’s health: 23% - 9% (Hyper Voice) = 14%
- Agnes’s energy: 65% - 7% (Blizzard) - 6% (Round) = 52%
- Amaterasu’s health: 5% - 7% (Draining Kiss) - 5% (bad poison) = 0%
- Amaterasu’s energy: 59% - 4% (Hyper Voice) = 55%
- Bill’s health: 32% + 5% (Drain Punch) - 14% (Body Slam) +1% (Leech Seed) + 1% (Leech Seed) = 25%
- Bill’s energy: 60% - 4% (Drain Punch) - 6% (Round) = 50%

Other Notes:
- Speed order: Delve (70) > Agnes (40) > Usagi (15) > Bill (11).
- Body Slam paralyzed Bill.

Next Round:
- Meursault commands
- Superbird commands

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