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Default Re: ASB Team Goal List!

poke goals
-- a small baby dragon. any dragon really
-- but another baby dragon that it is rivals with.
-- a collection of round pokemon... round pokemon are pure
-- all the round pokemon. primary goal!!!
sig things?
for a round pokemon. possibly for triangle?
-- rollout, but it does more damage
-- defense curl is not defensive but it's like a controllable one-turn rollout. does that exist

re: round pokemon!!
-- already obtained friends: sandshrew (both kinds!!), togedemaru, swablu, mareep, chikorita (round? not round? huggable), bounsweet, budew (long? round? huggable), dedenne, swinub, solosis, seel, cherubi, carbink
-- total: 14 / 52

-- priority (actually round) friends: cleffa, igglybuff, oddish, veonat, poliwag, geodude (both kinds!!!), gastly, voltorb, koffing, tangela, togepi, natu, qwilfish, seedot, gulpin, wailmer, chingling, munna, roggenrola, woobat, tympole, darumaka, ferroseed, swirlix, goomy, rowlet, minior.
-- total: 28

-- less round friends: magnemite, lickitung, azurill, hoppip, pineco, phanpy (round? not round? huggable), shroomish, whismur, makuhita, carvanha, cacnea, castform, bidoof, drifloon, bronzor?, gible, tepig, cottonee, karrablast, rufflet, chespin, cutiefly, pyukumuku.
-- total: 23

-- note to self: should pokemon who are round intermediary stages count (shelgon?? glailie??? cascoon/silcoon??) where to place pokemon that begin round and do not remain round (sad face). where to place pokemon that become round (lickitung, tepig?). how round is round (cutiefly, bronzor?)
-- pokemon in Question: bulbasaur, snover.


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