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Default Re: Meursault vs Superbird

Round Five

Meursault (OxO)
Delve (F) Levitate, Trace (Defiant)
Health: 40%
Energy: 58%
Status: Up against Agnes. Getting good at her jeering. Grass-type. Att +2, Spd -1.
Commands: Giga Drain/Round @Bill/Sunny Day x3

Usagi (F) Magic Guard
Health: 41%
Energy: 51%
Status: Up against Bill. Hoping the others liked her singing. Worry Seeded. Leech Seeded (-1% health per action; +1% health to Bill per action). Att +6.
Commands: Gravity ~ Mega Kick/Fire Blast/Hyper Voice x3

Superbird (OxO)
Agnes (F) Defiant
Health: 14%
Energy: 52%
Status: Up against Delve. Fed up with everything. Taunted (2 more actions).
Commands: Double Team ~ Blizzard ~ Blizzard

Bill (M) Bulletproof
Health: 25%
Energy: 50%
Status: Up against Usagi. Singing the song of angry men. Paralyzed (severe, 23% chance of full paralysis). Att +6, Spd -1.
Commands: Iron Head x3

Before Agnes can give Delve a piece of her mind - not that she’s thought through how she’s going to do that, exactly - Delve happily draws her mouth together and breathes in deeply. Green life energy seeps out from Agnes’s body, and she squawks in distress at the familiar pain. The more health is sucked away, the faster her flippers flap, and when the last tendril seeps away into Delve’s waiting mouth, she suddenly goes still. Her eyes cross, and a murmured insult sits on the tip of her tongue, but she falls in a feathered heap of penguin before she can say it. Delve beams at the sight of her fainted foe, showing an excited array of fangs.

Bill stares as his second teammate goes down. He parts his lips in a disbelieving snarl, and dramatically he charges at Usagi, as if in slow motion. In fact, it really is slow motion: between his uncomfortably aching muscles and Usagi’s psychic manipulation of the earth’s pull, he is far from the picture of grace. But he doesn’t need grace when he’s slamming his head right in her face, gifting her several hundred newtons of ouch. Usagi squeaks and reels back, shivering from the cold burn of iron. She looks to Delve for support, but the Gastly is currently being recalled by a satisfied Meursault, having no opponent to face at the moment. Delve is rather relieved by this, as the far-reaching effects of Gravity have reduced her to rolling around on the ground like a spooky nature ball. Bill and Usagi both snicker at her indignity, before fixing each other with a glare. Both are wearing down, but neither intends on letting the other walk away from this one.

Meursault (oxO)
Delve (F) Levitate, Trace (Defiant)
Health: 47%
Energy: 55%
Status: Glad to have gotten one last good snack. Grass-type. Att +2, Spd -1.
Actions: Giga Drain

Usagi (F) Magic Guard Insomnia
Health: 19%
Energy: 47%
Status: Making a fist at Bill. Worry Seeded. Leech Seeded (-1% health per action; +1% health to Bill per action). Att +6.
Actions: Gravity

Superbird (XxO)
Agnes (F) Defiant
Health: 0%
Energy: 52%
Status: Knocked out!
Actions: nothing

Bill (M) Bulletproof
Health: 26%
Energy: 45%
Status: Too invested in this to calm down. Paralyzed (severe, 21% chance of full paralysis). Att +6, Spd -1.
Actions: Iron Head

Arena Notes:
- The sun is shining brightly (1 more action).
- Gravity is in effect (4 more actions).
- Islands One and Two are empty.
- Usagi and Bill are on Island Three; there is a tunnel leading deep into the ground.

- Delve’s health: 40% + 7% (Giga Drain) = 47%
- Delve’s energy: 58% - 3% (Giga Drain) = 55%
- Usagi’s health: 41% - 21% (Iron Head) - 1% (Leech Seed) = 19%
- Usagi’s energy: 51% - 4% (Gravity) = 47%
- Agnes’s health: 14% - 14% (Giga Drain) = 0%
- Agnes’s energy: 52%
- Bill’s health: 25% + 1% (Leech Seed) = 26%
- Bill’s energy: 50% - 5% (Iron Head) = 45%

Other Notes:
- Speed order: (Delve (70) >) Usagi (15) > Bill (11).
- Delve’s Giga Drain was just enough to KO Agnes.
- Delve is waiting in the wings to battle Bill.

Next Round:
- Superbird commands
- Meursault commands
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