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Format: 5 v 5, single
Style: Set
DQ: 2 weeks
Damage Cap: 25%, not including traps or enemies
Banned/Restricted Moves: No OTK or direct recovery moves, no floating pokemon (including moves like Magnet Rise, we don't want this place to get too safe!)
Arena Description: Sen's Funhouse (obligatory theme song)


Welcome to the house of fun! Sen's Fortress is an ancient castle looming right next to an undead church and a blacksmith, and hovers right over a large garden of death; it is infamous among players for being filled to the brim with traps such as giant axe pendulums on narrow walkways, pressure plates that trigger powerful arrows all over the place, even right at the entrance(hence the fanname "Funhouse Welcome Button") Indiana Jones-esque boulder chases, giants hurtling large explosives, elevators that kick you off with spiked roofs if you stay on them too long, and snake men. Lots and lots of snake men. It is dark and maze-like, with numerous floors and enemies, and is often the point in where new players just give up.


So obviously this is the perfect place for one hell of a haphazard battle! The battle will begin on the thin bridges near the beginning; the one with death pendulums and a snake woman throwing lighting in the background; obviously falling off would be disastrous, as the basement floor is sticky with tar, and thus difficult to move. Also, there are gigantic Titanite Demons that can most certainly one-shot a bitch, which is just more of an incentive to not fall off! Fortunately, all these enemies are too large for the cagevators, so they'll stay put if you escape.

There are also hanging cages everywhere, making them the perfect way to escape. The act "Ride a cage!" counts as an action, and can be used as a quick escape if one is nearby and you're in a pinch. If you ride a cage you can hop off at any point until you hit the roof (watch out for those spikes!) If both players decide to ride a cage, then they can still attack each other while going up or down, and even maybe destroy their cage. with enough pain.


The snake men are tall, long, and scary; the males carry huge cleavers and shields, while the women shoot lightning at a distance. They do not care for any species of pokemon; they only want your blood, so Selvipers and Arboks won't get out of a fight! The males are resistant to all physical attacks (we'll just say they have high base defense and attack) and do large damage, but crumble to any magical attack (low special stats and HP, with moderate speed). For the sake of ease we'll say one special attack is enough to kill them, if you're a physical attacker you're better off trying to push them off the edge. The females have no such resistance, but their lightning can most certainly knock you back to the basement, where Titanite Demons wait for you in their basement. Speaking of the basement of fun, the Titanite Demons have high stats in all regards; they can be defeated, but they're huge, have a large hit radius, and are highly resistant to almost anything; you're better off hitching a ride with a cage to escape their fun, assuming the tar doesn't cling on you hard enough. There are two giants on the upper roofs of Sen's Fortress; one that launches explosives all over the upper floors, and one that drops the boulders for the hallways. And don't think they'll run out any time soon, because thanks to the power of the Lords they have infinite supplies. They're strong and have a lot of hp, but are slow as butts, so for a fast pokemon they shouldn't be a problem. If either of them are killed, then the streams of boulders or bombs stop obviously; they're too big and heavy for anything but the giants.


Now here comes the fun part! If you throw a stone in a corridor in the Funhouse odds are it'll come to the other side as a pin cushion and flat. Pressure plates are sprinkled out everywhere; to the unwary they'll do massive damage (5% normal-type damage for each arrow), but they can also be used by the clever to kill the snake men and their opponents. Once a plate has been stepped on it takes a while for it to rise again. As for the boulders, they'll do a large amount of rock-type damage (8%), so brace for impact with Protect! Near the top floor of the Funhouse (not the roof) is a control mechanism to redirect the stream of rocks, so again to the clever this can be quite a boon. Speaking of the clever, the Funhouse most certainly has seen it's better days; it's quite easy to break the walls and floors with a bit of elbow grease and a lot of muscle, so you can escape a rocky death if you're fast enough. The pendulums do a bit of damage (3%?), but the real threat are the big boyz at the basement.

And speaking of big boy, the father of them all is the Iron Golem, the boss of the dungeon. He's nonhostile until you entire his arena, at which he'll slaughter both trainer's pokemon without hesitation. He's very weak in the heels, so tripping him say over a cliff is one way to kill him. You could take him head-on, y'know, If you're stupid.

For the sake of simplicity, there are no NPCs, so no Onion Bro, Crestfallen Merchant, Black Iron Tarkus, or Richard to worry about.

Also because we're not denizens of the Dark Souls universe (thank fuck for that) there's no benefit from killing enemies and obtaining their souls, except to clear a way or stop an onslaught.

Thankfully, us trainers are in hoverboards and can completely go through solid walls and objects , so we'll never lose site of our pokemon and will be unfazed by any enemy attack or trap.

I fully expect the traps and enemies to kill us more than the actual battle. This is less of a test of skills and more of an exercise in masochism.




Tl;DR: Sen's Fortress is an old castle with pressure plates, swinging axes, demons, snakemen, cages that can be used as elevators, boulders, giants, and a robot golem as a boss. Expect to die alot.

Reference points for a referee:

Guide of Sen's Fortress

(We can talk about any point if you feel like something's off, of course)

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