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Default Re: Birdcrest vs. Faorzia

Round 4

Birdcrest (OOO)

Dragoknight – Binacle (♀)
Health: 70%
Energy: 69%
Ability: Tough Claws
Type: Rock / Water
Condition: Cautious.
Status: Attack +2.
Actions: Taunt ~ Stone Edge / Taunt ~ Rock Slide (Shield) / Rock Slide

Faorzia (OOO)
Octavian Rush – Starly (♂)
Health: 46%
Energy: 71%
Ability: Keen Eye
Type: Normal / Flying
Condition: Antsy.
Status: Flight impaired.
Actions: Brave Bird / Work Up ~ Endeavor / Work Up ~ Roost / Work Up

Working himself up despite the harsh last few rounds, Octavian Rush was still ready for more. More pummeling, that was, of his opponent. And though he might not be able to fly for any length of time, he was at least powerful enough to jump in the air and cloak his wings in flying-type energy that soon overtook his entire body. In a head-on assault, Octavian Rush slammed into Dragoknight’s body and sent the Binacle sliding backwards along the Asphalt a little bit. But Dragoknight was resolute – instead of cowering at his opponent, he taunted him, growling that that attack was pitiful, and he’d seen Magikarp who hit harder. Not a very brave attack, even, there wasn’t much at risk anyway. A real knight would hit harder, like he was about to.

Hit harder? Octavian Rush’s eyes turned fiery. He would show his opponent what it meant to hit harder. In a fit of rage, he rushed forward and pummeled Dragoknight with an attack that now was much more potent – no longer attacking with Flying-type energy, Octavian Rush was fighting with sheer willpower, hurting his opponent as severely as possible, sharing the pain he’d taken with blow after harsh blow, pummeling Dragoknight into utter submission...until the Binacle let out a grunt and struck back with one arm, forcing Octavian Rush backwards into a spike rising from the road. The Stone Edge was more than enough to stop Octavian Rush’s attack, forcing the Starly back, and, satisfied that his opponent was finished for the round, Dragoknight started on his next order of business.

He waved his arms around a little bit and the Stone Edge returned to the ground, while the rocks that earlier had fallen on Octavian Rush and his clones began to once again float above the ground, suspended by Rock-type energy. Carefully, and with great control, Dragoknight brought them closer to him, behind him, and began to let them down in some sort of wall behind him. Octavian Rush watched in envy – he was supposed to be taking down his opponent, but there was nothing for him to do; his trainer had ordered him to Roost, once again, but how could he when Dragoknight was presenting such an obvious opening for a frontal assault? He shook his head – he had to attack somehow! But as he pushed himself off of the road again and began to move forward, the sounds of motors from the distance began to increase. And then, suddenly, from behind Octavian Rush’s rock wall, which the Binacle had just completed and was now using as a sinister backdrop, came a surge of go-karts of all sorts of different colors – one red, one pink, one green, purple, yellow, black, brown...and a blue one that hurled around the corner with sparks erupting from its back tires. Toad released his brakes and sloppily charged forward, with a sudden burst of speed that Octavian Rush couldn’t predict. The Starly was struck unawares by the driver, who paid the pokémon little mind and simply focused on controlling his kart and catching up to the other drivers. Dragoknight, thankful for his shield, sneered down at his opponent, crumpled on the ground and coughing from the spores that Toad had left behind. Octavian Rush was in a sorry state, ripe for finishing off.

End of Round 4

Birdcrest (OOO)

Dragoknight – Binacle (♀)
Health: 37%
Energy: 55%
Ability: Tough Claws
Type: Rock / Water
Condition: Cautious.
Status: Attack +2. Severely Paralyzed.
Actions: Taunt ~ Stone Edge / Taunt ~ Rock Slide (Shield) / Rock Slide

Faorzia (OOO)
Octavian Rush – Starly (♂)
Health: 17%
Energy: 56%
Ability: Keen Eye
Type: Normal / Flying
Condition: Antsy.
Status: Flight impaired.
Actions: Brave Bird ~ Endeavor ~ Nothing

Referee Notes
~Octavian Rush was not commanded to wait on Action 2, and thus used Endeavor before being hit by Stone Edge.
~Octavian Rush’s Taunt wore off at the end of the third action, but due to it still being in effect during the action, Octavian Rush did nothing.
~Dragoknight’s Rock Slide shield would have repelled small– and middleweight drivers, but heavyweights like Bowser or DK would be able to go straight through, though with reduced speed and consequently dealing slightly less damage.
~But that’s somewhat of a moot point, since Octavian Rush was the one who got hit, and it was by Toad.
~Birdcrest commands first next round.
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Originally Posted by Pokémon Showdown VGC
[00:31:16] @dingram: makiri an you make someone a driver real quick
[00:31:19] #makiri: why
[00:31:19] @dingram: just so they can say something
[00:31:21] @dingram: and demote them
[00:31:26] +Superbird: inb4 demotes dingram to driver
[00:31:26] @dingram: i want to see if my bot logs the message
[00:31:32] @dingram: no it cant be me
[00:31:45] #makiri: who am i drivering
[00:31:47] +AnotherDimension$$: Me
[00:31:49] @dingram: uh Superbird
[00:31:51] +Kirito11: me lol
[00:32:12] +Superbird: wait rly
[00:32:18] @dingram: i just chose a random active user
[00:32:23] @dingram: just say something
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[00:32:24] @dingram: anything
[00:32:32] %Superbird: cool
[00:32:34] %Superbird: yay
[00:32:34] @dingram: ok done
[00:32:36] %Superbird: this feels awesome
[00:32:37] @dingram: ty makiri
[00:32:38] %Superbird: while it lasts
[00:32:41] +z2porygon: lol screen shot
[00:32:54] @dingram: you can demote now :3
[00:32:57] +AnotherDimension$$: Superbird
[00:32:59] +AnotherDimension$$: Warn me
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[00:33:02] @dingram: just doing testing with bot
[00:33:05] +Superbird: well that was fun while it lasted
[00:33:12] @dingram: im glad you didnt like mute anyone
[00:33:13] @dingram: or anything
[00:33:16] +z2porygon: lol
[00:33:21] +Superbird: i shouldve though
[00:33:24] @dingram: no
[00:33:24] +Superbird: ill make a note for next time
[00:33:25] @dingram: ;-;
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