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Default Re: Metallica Fanboy vs Sandstone-Shadow

Round One

Metallica Fanboy (2/2 left)
Reaper ♀ @ Link Cable
Ability: Harvest, Trace (Overgrow)
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Humming a little tune under her breath.

Sandstone-Shadow (2/2 left)
Bulbasaur ♀ @ Shell Bell
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Basking under the light of the sun.


The surface of the calm sea sparkles in a picturesque manner under the light of the setting sun. Nary a ripple disturbs the water around the base of the abandoned ship, perched exquisitely upon the edge of a random rock. The perfect scene for mass destruction... wait, is that a hole already present in the hull? Is this a challenge?! Surely the brave people of Asber can inflict more damage than that...

And thus two Grass-types are sent out onto the upper decks of the ship to carry out the deed. Sandstone-Shadow's Bulbasaur promptly begins hacking up the contents of her lunch onto the wooden floor, the caustic chemicals of her favourite Durin Berries smoking ominously to burn a small hole in the floor. Whoops, she totally didn't mean a spit a wad of it at poor Reaper over there! So sorry, dude... The unfortunate Phantump squeaks in distress as the poisons eat a small hole through her tree bark mask and begin to absorb into her bloodstream. Chattering frantically, she waves her tiny arms about and then disappears with a loud pop as she flees into another dimension, leaving only her Link Cable behind.

Bulbasaur stares at the abandoned item in front of her, nonplussed. Well, what's she supposed to do now? Destroy the ship?! Sandstone-Shadow, still unfamiliar with the ways of Asber, quickly cautions her not to destroy the ship. Metallica Fanboy and the referee roll their eyes in disgust.

Before a full-fledged debate on the history of Asberian thought can break out, a spooky light begins to shine faintly behind Bulbasaur, an eerie purple smoke drifting out of it as Reaper tears a hole in the fabric of space between dimensions. Bulbasaur turns her head sharply as a ghostly cackle echoes from seemingly nowhere, but she locates its source too late: the rematerialized Pumpkaboo tackles her hard from behind, shoving her face-first INTO HER OWN PUKE OMG TOO GROSS?! Bulbasaur cries out in agony as not only is her face smashed into the hard wood, but the smell of regurgitated Durin Berry floods her nostrils: clearly the worst punishment of all. Nose smarting from the variety of assaults upon it, Bulbasaur scrabbles frantically against the wood, dark energy surrounding her hind legs as she viciously kicks behind with all her strength. Having discarded her Link Cable, Reaper has nothing on her for Bulbasaur's claws to catch upon, but still lets out a shrill cry of pain as the dark energy tears through her wispy body.

Shaking, Reaper retreats all the way into her tree stump to plan her next move. Her eyeholes glow bright red as she mutters unintelligible curses under her breath. All is quiet for a moment, aside from the occasional gagging noise as Bulbasaur struggles to her feet. And then the silence is pierced by a wavering, unearthly scream. As Reaper falls limply to her side, Bulbasaur's vision suddenly wavers, and she begins to feel horribly ill...


Metallica Fanboy (2/2 left)
Ability: Harvest
Health: 44%
Energy: 90%
Status: Twitching slightly inside her tree stump. Toxic poisoned (2% this round, 3% next round).
Used: Phantom Force (disappear) ~ Phantom Force (reappear) ~ Curse

Sandstone-Shadow (2/2 left)
Bulbasaur ♀ @ Shell Bell
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 80%
Energy: 92%
Status: Not entirely sure what just happened to her... Cursed (loses one-tenth of current health at the end of each round).
Used: Toxic ~ nothing ~ Knock Off

Arena Status
  • A Link Cable is lying randomly on the deck. One of its ends glints ominously in the light of the setting sun as it snakes its way around the base of the mast...

Damage and Energy
  • Reaper's Health: 100% - 9% (Knock Off) - 45% (Curse) - 2% (poison) = 44%
  • Reaper's Energy: 100% - 3% (Phantom Force) - 3% (Phantom Force) - 4% (Curse) = 90%
  • Bulbasaur's Health: 100% - 15% (Phantom Force) + 2% (Shell Bell) - 7% (Curse) = 80%
  • Bulbasaur's Energy: 100% - 3% (Toxic) - 5% (Knock Off) = 92%

  • have not done ref for several months, pls excuse (lol I will think about how to actually write Curse next round, maybe)
  • Speed order: Bulbasaur (45) > Reaper (38).
  • Bulbasaur did nothing the second action, as she was clearly unable to reach her opponent.
  • Phantom Force was a critical hit.
  • For reference, all damage from Curse is rounded down, and it ignores damage caps. Because of the flooring, it doesn't actually matter that I ignored Reaper's poison damage until the end of the round in my calculations.
  • Metallica Fanboy commands first.

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