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Default Re: Metallica Fanboy vs Sandstone-Shadow

Round Two

Metallica Fanboy (2/2 left)
Ability: Harvest
Health: 44%
Energy: 90%
Status: Twitching slightly inside her tree stump. Toxic poisoned (2% last round, 3% this round).

Sandstone-Shadow (2/2 left)
Bulbasaur ♀ @ Shell Bell
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 80%
Energy: 92%
Status: Not entirely sure what just happened to her... Cursed (loses one-tenth of current health at the end of each round).


Struggling to ignore the high-pitched ghostly voices now echoing within her skull, Bulbasaur turns back to her opponent as the bulb on her back splits apart. A torrent of offensively-purple fluid spurts from it and showers upon Reaper's tree stump, rapidly eating through it to penetrate her skin. Reaper shrieks in agony as the venom interacts with the poisons already flooding her bloodstream, causing her to seize violently. She pounds her little branches on the floor of the deck, and a rippling shockwave of brown Ground-type energy spreads from the side of the impact. Small cracks appear in the floor as tremors run through it, tossing the helpless Bulbasaur up in the air and smacking her back down on the ground. She lands awkwardly on one of her hind legs with a sickening crack, and even when she shaking stops, Bulbasaur finds it difficult to get up, unable to put her weight on her injured leg.

Emerging from her stump at last, Reaper studies the floor thoughtfully. No, there's not enough room for her to get her tree stump through... the best she can do is reach out with psychic feelers to get a hold of Bulbasaur's brain, sending a wave of pure mental pain at her opponent's nerve receptors. Bulbasaur grits her teeth and digs her front claws into the wood, struggling against the pain to concentrate on setting up a protective barrier around herself. A cube of brilliant golden energy appears around her, and for a moment the force of her opponent's psychic assault lessens, and she breathes a sigh of relief. But just then her opponent happens to strike at a sensitive spot, and Bulbasaur cries out as she's unable to fully regroup her mental defenses. Desperately she releases another stream of sludge from the bulb on her back, this one thicker and more viscous, and Reaper is forced to halt her attack as the poison splatters over her, corroding away at her tree stump.

The Shell Bell around Bulbasaur's neck chimes as a bit of life energy flows from it into its owner, but its healing force pales against the voices in Bulbasaur's head that grow ever louder, sapping more of her life force away...


Metallica Fanboy (2/2 left)
Ability: Harvest
Health: 14%
Energy: 76%
Status: Exhausted already. But she hasn't wrought enough destruction yet! Toxic poisoned (3% this round, 4% next round).
Used: Bulldoze ~ Psychic ~ Psychic

Sandstone-Shadow (2/2 left)
Bulbasaur ♀ @ Shell Bell
Ability: Overgrow
Health: 54%
Energy: 78%
Status: Shaking her pounding head in agony. Protected by a Light Screen (4 more actions). Cursed (loses one-tenth of current health at the end of each round). -1 Special Defense, -1 Speed.
Used: Venoshock ~ Light Screen ~ Sludge Bomb

Arena Status
  • A Link Cable is lying randomly on the deck. One of its ends glints ominously in the light of the setting sun as it snakes its way around the base of the mast...
  • Both battlers are located on the upper deck.

Damage and Energy
  • Reaper's Health: 44% - 16% (Venoshock) - 11% (Sludge Bomb) - 3% (poison) = 14%
  • Reaper's Energy: 90% - 4% (Bulldoze) - 5% (Psychic) - 5% (Psychic) = 76%
  • Bulbasaur's Health: 80% + 2% (Shell Bell) - 6% (Bulldoze) - 13% (Psychic) - 6% (Psychic) + 2% (Shell Bell) - 5% (Curse) = 54%
  • Bulbasaur's Energy: 92% - 7% (Venoshock) - 1% (Light Screen set-up) - 5% (Sludge Bomb) - 1% (Light Screen upkeep) = 78%

  • Speed order: Reaper (38) > Bulbasaur (30).
  • lol I'm probably not going to remember how to write at any point during this battle, sorry
  • Phantump's Attack stat is good for a basic, probably, but it's not even in the 50th percentile of all Rattata Pokémon, and Bulldoze was very much not a critical hit (rolled a 94), so Reaper was unable to destroy the deck enough to leave room to get through it. Her tree stump is also quite solid, which prevented her from phasing through the floor.
  • The second Psychic lowered Bulbasaur's Special Defense.
  • Sandstone-Shadow commands first.

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