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Default Re: Zaiella vs. Sandstone-Shadow

Format Singles 2vs2
Style Switch
DQ 20 Days
Damage Cap 40%
Banned Moves None
Additional Rules I'd really like just Babies and unevolved Pokemon.
Arena A playground beside a river. It has swings, slides, Monkey bars, a merry go round, seesaw, and ref and opponent can add things I can't think of. There are a few trees around.
Round 1

Zaiella OO

Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
(Indigo) Venonat [M] <Compound Eyes>
Commands: Reflect/Skill Swap ~ Poison Powder/Skill Swap ~ Venoshock/Sleep Powder/Skill Swap
Status: Snuffling at the base of the slide.

Sandstone-Shadow OO

Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
(Itero) Wooper [M] <Water Absorb> @Shell Bell
Commands: Mud Shot ~ Dig/Sleep Talk ~ Dig/Sleep Talk
Status: More interested in playing than battling.

Eta Carinae was engaged in an adventurous manhunt. Needing to clear the playground and surrounding area before a potentially destructive battle took place, the referee was hastily ushering children off of the premises, which proved to be no easy task. Some of the children were whisked away by helicopter parents at the mere mention of a Pokemon battle, but others seemed to have no guardians present and were more than happy to leap and slide away from the panicked Asber. Eventually, understanding that drastic times called for drastic measures, Eta Carinae released his Dratini and explained the situation. Puff, reluctant to serve as babysitter, was nonetheless ogled by the children, who needed no invitation to follow the dragon as he slithered, fuming, towards a safer spot. There, he knew he would be forcefully injected into their foolish games, but such was the life of a referee’s teammate.

With the risk of a lawsuit now occupied and far away, the battle could begin. Indigo moved first, swishing his tiny hands in the air as if performing a magic trick. Before the sorcerous Venonat a golden barrier sprang into existence, tinted gold, shining madly in the midday sun, and separating Indigo and his poky opponent. Itero was not worried about this new obstruction. Opening his megamouth to its fullest, roundest extent, the Wooper regurgitated a healthy serving of sludgy mud that arced across the play space and through the pane as if it were a mirage. Indigo tried to scurry out of the way, but the mud enveloped him all the same, drenching him in delicious pond soil. Swirling his antenna to free them from their dirty prison, Indigo felt himself weighed down slightly by the goop that was already starting to cake his skin.

Still, he could move faster than Itero even with more baggage to carry. Hoping to infect his ever jubilant adversary, Indigo exhaled a breath laced with toxic particles, sending a cloud of nasty spores past the barrier and towards the unsuspecting Wooper. Itero became aware of the purple pall far too late, and suspected no foul play until he inhaled the particles. Immediately, his nostrils burned, he let out an involuntary cough, and within seconds his bloodstream had been infiltrated. Not wanting to have to deal with any more poisonous concoctions, Itero hightailed it out of there, kicking woodchips out from underneath him before burying himself in the moist soil.

With his opponent no longer in sight, Indigo was hesitant. His compound eyes darted this way and that, expecting a sneak attack of some sort. Unable to wait any longer, Indigo spat a mass of foul-smelling purple venom at the sink where Itero had disappeared. The brew filled up the hole, blackened some of the nearer woodchips, and slowly seeped into the earth, all seeming to have missed the hidden Wooper. Indigo, nervously awaiting Itero’s imminent reappearance, swung around to face the swings behind him. As if sensing this change, Itero sprang up in an eruption of chips, bellowing a battle cry. Though still separated by the hanging forcefield, he whip cracked his tail, while still in midair, right into the face of Indigo, who had turned back around in his fright. The slap, cushioned by the screen, nevertheless sent the Venonat stumbling backwards, grasping with muddy hands at stinging cheeks. Itero, pleased with his work, let his radiant face beam.

End of Round 1

Zaiella OO

Health: 89%
Energy: 89%
(Indigo) Venonat [M] <Compound Eyes>
Status: Haphazardly kicking up woodchips. Protected by Reflect (2 more actions), Speed -1

Sandstone-Shadow OO

Health: 99%
Energy: 94%
(Itero) Wooper [M] <Water Absorb> @Shell Bell
Status: Definitely optimistic. Poisoned (4%/round)

Arena Notes:
-A small tunnel marked at each end by areas free of woodchips has been constructed.

Ref Notes:
-I ref speed changes as adding or lowering 10 base speed, so even with Mud Shot, Indigo was still faster.
-In terms of damage this round, Itero took 1% from poison, healed the maximum of 1% from his Shell Bell, then took another 1% from poison after the final action.
-Venoshock missed, understandably.
-Sandstone-Shadow commands next.
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