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I guess it's as good a time as any other to go ahead on an idea that's been in my mind.

Format: 3v3 Rotation Battle
Style: Set
DQ: 10 days
Damage Cap: 49%
Banned/Restricted Moves: Direct recovery, Pain Split, any moves that instantly faint a battler (Explosion, OHKOs, Destiny Bond, Perish Song, etc.), Attract. Chills are restricted to 7 per Pokémon.
Arena: Glen of Spirits

Someplace far away, an ocean of gently sloped, idyllic hills stretches to each edge of the horizon, a landscape covered in lush grass and colorful flowers. Between the two greatest mountains of the region, one will find a secluded valley secretly snaking through, cast in a slight shadow -- that's the Glen of Spirits. Its ground is covered in easily knee-length sedges, with astonishingly tall flower gardens sprouting over some spots; one may ocasionally find flowers as tall as an average person, and then some. The most notable feature of the dell, however, is that its vegetation is permeated by a mysterious aura.

Because of the dense cover on the ground, it's difficult to tag in and out of battle, and even Pokémon off the ground might have to take some time to figure out the enemy's location; as such, rotating Pokémon costs a whole action. The aura leaking off the ground absorbs the vital energies of any Pokémon that isn't sufficiently attuned to its spirit; as such, any Pokémon that isn't Fairy-type or Ghost-type will lose 5% health and 5% energy at the end of each round, even if they aren't the active Pokémon in battle, and ignoring damage caps. A Pokémon under the effects of Focus Energy will be able to resist this effect, and so won't be affected by it, but the Focus Energy state will become extraordinarily difficult to sustain and, thus, will only last for five actions, unless the Pokémon is Fairy- or Ghost-type. Additionally, when rotating out, Fairy-type Pokémon, due to their diminute statures and deep connection to the aura in the arena, will all but vanish while rotated out, effectively being switched out when it happens (thus, volatile status will disappear, as will changes to stats). Additionally, Fairy-types rotating out will be cured of any major status they're afflicted with, bar poison (but including Toxic poison). However, while active in battle, Fairy-types may briefly lose themselves in the energy, gaining 1+ in all stats but becoming severely confused -- but this will only happen once per Pokémon.

Additional Rules: Sleep will only be successfully induced once against each team.

If necessary, see here for some clarifications on how Rotation Battles work (although these apply specifically to the Rotation Battle of the 2011 tournament, so some of those may not apply specifically to this Rotation Battle).

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