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Here's a challenge! I'm open to arena-modification suggestions, as well.

Format: 2v2
Style: Set
DQ: 20 days
Damage Cap: 45%
Banned Moves: OHKOs, Direct Recovery, Destiny Bond, Pain Split, Attract; Chills limited to 5 per Pokémon
Arena: Abandoned chemistry lab

This large lab space used to house a thriving scientific community. Researchers developed new Potions, move-enhancing compounds, and stat modifying items, until funds were cut quite dramatically and all research was halted. The scientists were evicted in a hurry, forced to leave behind most of their equipment and experiments. Now the lab sits gathering dust, chemical experiments still set up. Either thieves or Pokémon trainers have already been here - broken glass and noxious chemicals are scattered or spilled all around the room.

There are stationary lab benches all around the perimeter of the room. The Bunsen burners are locked in a cabinet, but the gas nozzles still work. Opening the gas nozzles gives Fire- and Electric-type moves a 25% chance of causing an explosion that damages both battlers (5-15% Fire-type damage, with the damage increasing 1% for every action the gas lines have been open - resets after an explosion or the gas has been turned off). Nozzles are pretty rusty and take an action to open or close.

Chemical compounds and lab equipment sit on rolling carts that have been mostly tucked to the sides of the large lab space, but some still obstruct the room and can be used to hide behind (although they don't offer much protection - they're not very sturdy). Unlabeled flasks line these carts - battlers can throw one for an action, causing a random effect to their target (5% typeless damage, burns, regular poisoning, confusion, or 5% health recovery).

Pokémon and Trainers battling here are required to wear safety goggles, so Accuracy-lowering moves that affect a Pokémon's eyes (Sand Attack, etc.) will not work.
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