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I really loved that farm.
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Default Re: Zaiella vs. Sandstone-Shadow

Format Singles 2vs2
Style Switch
DQ 20 Days
Damage Cap 40%
Banned Moves None
Additional Rules I'd really like just Babies and unevolved Pokemon.
Arena A playground beside a river. It has swings, slides, Monkey bars, a merry go round, seesaw, and ref and opponent can add things I can't think of. There are a few trees around.
Round 2

Zaiella OO

Health: 89%
Energy: 89%
(Indigo) Venonat [M] <Compound Eyes>
Commands: Zen Headbutt ~ Agility ~ Swift/Mega Drain/Mimic
Status: Haphazardly kicking up woodchips. Protected by Reflect (2 more actions), Speed -1

Sandstone-Shadow OO

Health: 99%
Energy: 94%
(Itero) Wooper [M] <Water Absorb> @Shell Bell
Commands: Double Team ~ Acid Spray/Stockpile ~ Ancient Power/Stockpile
Status: Definitely optimistic. Poisoned (4%/round)

All went blank in Indigo’s mind, the machine behind his dazzling azure eyes halting. In its place, a serene melody wafted through the Venonat’s cranium, splashing percussion and delicate synths. Everything seemed to slow down, the glassy screen before him beginning to ebb and flow, reduced to a flowing ichor. Having found his peace, Indigo felt his limbs move almost unconsciously; he was being pushed along by some kind of spirit. Itero was not so tranquil, and therefore reacted purely physically in an attempt to sidestep the incoming Venonat. The powers leading Indigo could see the ploy from a distance, meaning that Itero was plowed through all the same. Momentum on his side, Itero worked with this new velocity and promptly sprang back and forth in the trench clear of woodchips he had just excavated. No Wooper was an Olympic sprinter, but Itero pushed through the pain and eventually, for all his hard work, was awarded with an exact clone of himself that mirrored his every move.

Indigo was not yet interested in discovering which Wooper was the doppelganger; he had some sprinting of his own to do. Breaking all known playground rules, the Venonat kicked up a cloud of dust as he hurtled towards the slide, hopping up to its base and lunging up the incline. He nearly slipped up a couple of times trying to scale the plastic slope, but he found his footing on each occasion and eventually wound up as king of the playground, towering over the two Iteros. The Wooper was hesitant to use his next move at such a vertical angle, but he was still confident he could get at least a partial hit. Both Woopers hacked and spluttered, coughing up some bile to use as a projectile against Indigo. Aiming high, two acid green concoctions arced from the ground towards the pinnacle of the slide – and soared right over Indigo’s head. The Venonat’s eyes shrunk as the creature attempted a smile, Itero cursed his rotten luck, and the silken barrier that had risen up the slide melted away, leaving its conjurer slightly more exposed.

Enchanting some woodchips that lay around the base of the slide’s ladder so that they glowed a lustrous white, Indigo took no great effort to aim at either Itero. The glistening star chips began to hover in the air, and with a whipcrack like flick of his antennae, Indigo sent them rocketing towards both Woopers. The white flecks whizzed and boomeranged in a way that made dodging the onslaught impossible. One Wooper quickly began to flicker and fade, while the true Itero was continuously nicked and abraded by the possessed woodchips. As the last lost its sheen and clattered to the earth, Itero also worked on bewitching the play area’s basin. From out of the tunnel that he had carved out in the round previous, a few sizable boulders were ejected, floating in the air around Itero. This time, the arcs were true, each boulder bludgeoning the Venonat that, though high in the sky, had no way to shield himself. As if to add insult to injury, Indigo could not keep his balance atop the slide, and unceremoniously fell back to the level ground below.

End of Round 2

Zaiella OO

Health: 79%
Energy: 80%
(Indigo) Venonat [M] <Compound Eyes>
Status: Dazed from the fall, but otherwise in splendid condition. Speed -1

Sandstone-Shadow OO

Health: 83%
Energy: 87%
(Itero) Wooper [M] <Water Absorb> @Shell Bell
Status: Moderately pleased. Poisoned (4%/round)

Arena Notes:
-A small tunnel marked at each end by areas free of woodchips has been constructed.

Ref Notes:
-Wooper are slow, so Itero only got one clone (not that it would have mattered all too much).
-Agility did not raise Indigo’s speed, as he used it to climb the slide.
-I docked a flat 25% accuracy on the Acid Spray for Indigo being far out of reach. As the odds were in his favour, Itero still believed he could hit Indigo, hence his not using Double Team. Alas, the Acid Spray missed.
-I docked the same 25% accuracy on the Ancient Power, but it hit.
-In my experience, there is little space atop a slide, and therefore it is difficult to remain atop one. I gave the Ancient Power a 50% chance of knocking Indigo down, which it did (which damage him 1%).
-Zaiella commands first next round.
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