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Default Re: [ASB Quest] I liek Squirtles vs Blastoise

Round Six

I liek Squirtles (2/2 left)
birth ♀ @ King's Rock
Ability: Cloud Nine Rain Dish
Health: 36%
Energy: 55%
Status: Shaken and unconfident.

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish
Health: 81%
Energy: 45%
Status: Smirking at its unworthy foe. Surrounded by Aqua Ring (1% health/action). +2 Defense.


Blastoise isn't just about to let up now, though – she hasn't rubbed in its victory yet. She decides to do so by shooting another torrent of water from her cannons, expertly aimed at the salty water around birth. The poor Psyduck flounders in the water amidst the attack, struggling to keep herself together even as the Brine seeps into her wounds and causes more and more sheer pain. But she pushes past the pain anyway (or at least, she does her best to) and soon releases a small bright light that slowly meanders its way towards Blastoise while birth continues to regain her composure.

Blastoise watches warily, settling down just a little as she realizes the light isn't harmful. It's interesting to watch, and she needs a little bit of a breather anyway – she is winning handily, of course but it's taken more effort so far than she bargained for. birth watches her opponent gaze at the Confuse Ray, transfixed, as she struggles to pull herself out of the water and onto one of the rocks littering the arena. There, she uses what little psychic abilities she has to look into the future, and reassure herself a little bit. She focuses, hoping that her opponent doesn't notice and take an opportunity, and after a moment a picture comes into view. It's Blastoise, eating a blast of psychic energy. Reassuring.

Unfortunately, as birth scries the future, Blastoise happens to notice. Taking her eyes off of the dazzling orb of light for a moment, she lazily sprays a precise stream of water from her cannons, not at birth but at the waters around her rock. Blastoise knows this arena well, and she knows exactly how to manipulate the currents of water; and this she does, the water beginning to ripple around birth's rock and start moving, faster and faster, until a whirlpool is rising out of the water, enveloping the rock. That problem taken care of, Blastoise contentedly returns to gazing at her shiny light orb.

birth opens her eyes only to see a veil of water. The sudden change in scenery is thoroughly startling – this wasn't where she was when she started her Future Sight attack, so what changed? No, she can't have just been transported somewhere else, she doesn't even know Teleport. There's got to be a better answer. And so, the Psyduck squints, doing her best to see through what she soon realizes is a Whirlpool. Oh, that's fine then, she thinks, as she tries to jump through it to attack her opponent once more. She is unsuccessful in this venture – for all her current preoccupation, Blastoise is still a very strong pokémon, and the whirlpool is far too powerful for birth to simply pass through unscathed. Stymied, and caught once more flailing in the water – and sternly reminded of her own frailty – birthis once again forced to take a hard look at her situation.


I liek Squirtles (2/2 left)
birth ♀ @ King's Rock
Ability: Cloud Nine Rain Dish
Health: 20%
Energy: 47%
Status: Increasingly disheartened. Future Sight pending (2 more actions). Trapped in a whirlpool (1% damage/action, 3 more actions).
Used: Confuse Ray ~ Future Sight ~ nothing

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish
Health: 87%
Energy: 51%
Status: Distracted. Surrounded by Aqua Ring (1% health/action). Moderately confused (30% failure chance). 2 Chills left. +2 Defense.
Used: Brine ~ Chill ~ Whirlpool

Arena Status
  • The rain is pouring down. A harsh wind howls through the arena.

Damage and Energy
  • birth's Health: 36% - 14% (Brine) - 4% (Whirlpool) + 3% (Rain Dish) - 1% (Whirlpool) = 21%
  • birth's Energy: 55% - 4% (Confuse Ray) - 7% (Future Sight) + 3% (Rain Dish) = 47%
  • Blastoise's Health: 81% + 3% (Rain Dish) + 3% (Aqua Ring) = 87%
  • Blastoise's Energy: 45% - 6% (Brine) + 10% (Chill) - 1% (Whirlpool) + 3% (Rain Dish) = 51%

  • Speed order: Blastoise (78) > birth (55).
  • Chilling deducted an extra 10% from Blastoise's confusion failure chance (on top of the 5% per action deduction).
  • There was no way birth would have been able to hit with Cross Chop while trapped in a whirlpool.
  • Calcs from this round were done by Effie, writing by me. For the remainder of this battle, I could either continue to do calcs the way Effie was doing them, or I could do them by my own reffing scale – when you command, say which you'd prefer. By default it'll just be continuing the way it's being done now.
  • I liek Squirtles commands first.
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