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Default Re: The Fakedex Collab Club

I'm primarily addressing this thread, which has been active for years and (and i could be wrong) has placed rather great emphasis on region creation and flavour from the getgo, since before your project was introduced. BAM is probably fine as it is; battle simulators are far less comprehensive and only really require what's pertinent to combat.

If you intend on switching to BAM altogether and dropping any pretence of world creation, a spreadsheet or wiki of some kind would serve you well. Wikis don't have to be used in an informative context; i've used them for data organisation plenty of times in the past and it's proven highly convenient, but that's only a simplifier.

As far as artists go, i can't imagine anyone giving you strife for posting in Advertising but to be fair i can't perceive much response either; these forums are very quiet, Advertising is frequently overlooked, and the sporting community here is all but dead. You'd probably find more success searching in busier places based upon a premise which more closely suits your need, like smogon or bulbagarden, but a thread here too certainly wouldn't do any damage. :)
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