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Default Re: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

So I was totally going to start a thread for these games, but it turned out we already had one!

Now that the games are only a couple months away, what are you thinking? Are you planning to run out and buy these, are you still on the fence?

As far as I'm aware, the only substantial news we've gotten recently is that there's a new form of lycanroc available in the games, which will be available by evolving an event-only rockruff.

For me, I'm not in a place to be buying the games at launch anyway (which means I'm going to miss possibly my only chance at dusk lycanroc this gen, sigh), and whether I eventually get them or not is definitely going to depend on what ends up being implemented in these new versions, and there just isn't enough known about them for me to make a decision yet. I had a fair number of problems with Sun/Moon, in particular the sparse post-game, so unless the games are pretty substantially altered, I probably won't be getting them. Although if they really do have a completely different story, which was kind of implied by the earlier advertisements for the game, I'd definitely be more inclined to give it a shot.

All in all I'm more puzzled than hyped by the way they've been handling this release. It's so close on the heels of SuMo, and they've been super close-lipped on what the games actually are. I'm definitely curious as to where they're going with these games, but not curious enough to just go out and buy them without some further information about what exactly I'd be getting.
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