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Default Re: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

If you haven't seen, there was recently another trailer released recently, as well as info about an expanded photo-taking system that builds on the pokéfinder functionality from SuMo.

I would imagine so; what with the new Solgaleo and Lunala forms needing explaining, the new trailer scenes, and the fact that Black 2 and White 2 pulled off almost the exact same thing to wide acclaim makes me almost certain they'll give it a different story.
I dunno, recent reveals are making it look even more like this is going to be third-version-ish rather than sequel-ish in the vein of BW2. The main characters appear to be the same as in SuMo, and besides mention of a different story in one of the promos there hasn't been much to suggest big plot changes: just stuff like certain characters being more prominent. They definitely do need to explain more about Necrozma and how it interacts with Solgaleo/Lunala, but I'm still betting on something more like a Platinum-level plot change than a straight up new storyline. Or perhaps they'll do more of a "supplement"-style approach, like with the Delta Episode in ORAS.

Actually, they released one other thing to build up hype for US/UM, but not many people heard of it, since it was in Japan website only.
I had indeed not heard of it before! So, this was released to get people hyped for the new games? The fact that it discusses sort of supernatural mysteries doesn't necessarily mean that we're going to get a ton of new stuff about that in the actual game, I don't think, but it's definitely cooler than what the English promos have covered, I think.
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