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Default Re: [ASB Quest] I liek Squirtles vs Blastoise

Round Seven

I liek Squirtles (2/2 left)
birth ♀ @ King's Rock
Ability: Cloud Nine Rain Dish
Health: 20%
Energy: 47%
Status: Increasingly disheartened. Future Sight pending (2 more actions). Trapped in a whirlpool (1% damage/action, 3 more actions).

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish
Health: 87%
Energy: 51%
Status: Distracted. Surrounded by Aqua Ring (1% health/action). Moderately confused (30% failure chance). 2 Chills left. +2 Defense.


The next round begins, and Blastoise still has its priorities straight. It's still a bit tired, though not quite as much as before, and the light fluttering around it, while no longer quite as interesting as before, is still nice to look at. birth, it reasons, is still trapped in the whirlpool and probably isn't gonna be going anywhere for awhile, so it has some time.

birth has different ideas. Thinking quickly, the yellow duck pokémon decides to fire a Hydro Pump attack at the water beneath itself, and use the force to propel itself upwards and outwards. The Whirlpool is tall, but birth isn't that heavy, and as Blastoise finishes relaxing it sees its opponent flying somewhat less-than-gracefully out of the top of the whirlpool. At the peak of its arc, birth momentarily loses composure, starting to flail desperately in the air, only barely assuming the proper diving form as it descends towards the water.

Thankfully, that last-minute adjustment proves to be enough for birth to pierce into the water, and swim back up to the surface unharmed, and free from the whirlpool. The duck pokémon hops onto one of the rocks littering the arena as it emerges from the water, finally having a free moment to glare at Blastoise. But the big turtle pokémon is prepared; it's had quite a bit of time now to prepare an attack, and it unleashes that attack now. Before birth can even catch its breath, Blastoise releases another shower of saltwater from its cannons.

birth hisses in pain from the attack, its vision going blurry for a moment, but it shakes its head resiliently. It's still standing, so it has to keep fighting for its trainer! With conviction, birth uses its latent psychic power to pick up Blastoise, and...just that, actually. The Psyduck might be able to slam Blastoise against something, but instead it just lets the turtle pokémon sit there, levitating in the air. Blastoise, a little bit surprised at this development, nevertheless regains its composure pretty quickly, and realizes that birth made a mistake in positioning its opponent in such a way that its cannons are still pointed the right direction.

Before birth can remedy this situation, Blastoise takes the opportunity to launch another water attack from its cannons. This one is a fair bit weaker than its last attack, but also easier for it to use; it still has a sizable impact, knocking birth handily off of the rock it's standing on, and into the water.

birth sees stars, almost blacking out from the impact; but a moment later, they're gone, and it's flailing in the water once again. Fighting to stay conscious, the determined Psyduck claws its way back onto the rock, and spits out a small seed that flies through the air and lands on the back of Blastoise's shell. A hard shell it is, but the seed seems to burrow right through it as it blossoms, altering the shell's structure just a little bit, making it unable to absorb water like before. birth is on its last legs, sure, but it's not going down without a fight, that's for sure.


I liek Squirtles (2/2 left)
birth ♀ @ King's Rock
Ability: Cloud Nine Rain Dish
Health: 2%
Energy: 36%
Status: Barely hanging on to consciousness.
Used: Hydro Pump ~ Telekinesis ~ Worry Seed

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish Insomnia
Health: 80%
Energy: 56%
Status: Feeling okay. Surrounded by Aqua Ring (1% health/action). Suspended by Telekinesis (1 more action). Moderately confused (5% failure chance). 1 Chill left. +2 Defense.
Used: Chill ~ Brine ~ Water Pulse

Arena Status
  • The rain is pouring down. A harsh wind howls through the arena.

Damage and Energy
  • birth's Health: 20% - 14% (Brine) - 7% (Water Pulse) + 3% (Rain Dish) = 2%
  • birth's Energy: 47% - 7% (Hydro Pump) - 4% (Telekinesis) - 3% (Worry Seed) + 3% (Rain Dish) = 36%
  • Blastoise's Health: 87% - 12% (Future Sight) + 2% (Rain Dish) + 3% (Aqua Ring) = 80%
  • Blastoise's Energy: 51% + 10% (Chill) - 6% (Brine) - 1% (Water Pulse) + 2% (Rain Dish) = 55%

  • Speed order: Blastoise (78) > birth (55).
  • Let us generously assume Hydro Pump has the force of a fire hose (400psi), and that Psyduck's "area" is a circle with radius Ľ its height. Then, the force Hydro Pump exerts on Psyduck is 346.6 kN, which is many times more than would be required to launch Psyduck's 43 pounds out of the whirlpool. Hydro Pump is almost certainly strong enough for this.
  • birth just barely survived the Water Pulse.
  • Keldeo commands first.
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