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Default Re: [ASB Quest] I liek Squirtles vs Blastoise

Okay, fire off two Thunderbolts. If he's underwater, airborne, or Protecting, or you think Thunderbolt would not hit him for any other reason, Chill on the first action and Work Up on the second. On the third action, if these conditions for Chill/Work Up are met, and/or if you have successfully hit him (not a Substitute) twice with Thunderbolt, use Work Up. Otherwise, try Thunderbolt again.

For the round, if you can't use the move that you've been commanded to use, or if that move is Spited, default to Water Pulse on the first two actions and Aqua Jet on the third. Also use Aqua Jet to try to escape if you are trapped in a Whirlpool at the time of your third action. If he's Biding, Resting, or preparing Mirror Coat, use your non-damaging option for that action if you can, and do nothing if you can't.

Thunderbolt / Chill / Water Pulse ~ Thunderbolt / Work Up / Water Pulse ~ Work Up / Thunderbolt / Aqua Jet
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