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Default Re: [ASB Quest] I liek Squirtles vs Blastoise

Round 10

I liek Squirtles (1/2 left)
Mr. Gassatoo
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 64%
Energy: 85%
Status: Already enraged.

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish Insomnia
Health: 52%
Energy: 35%
Status: Getting excited, but tiring. Surrounded by Aqua Ring (1% health/action). 1 Chill left. Thunderbolt Mimicked. +2 Defense. -1 Attack.


Mr. Gassatoo's trainer gives the sea dragon commands before it has a chance to take proper retribution against its opponent, and, begrudgingly, it sees the point in those commands. A battle of attrition isn't exactly the Gyarados's strong suit, but nevertheless he dives deep beneath the waves before Blastoise can fire a Thunderbolt in his direction. Blastoise, preparing to do just that, stops in its tracks as its opponent disappears from view. Drat, just a little bit too fast.

Well, all isn't lost. Blastoise has been tiring, after all, and it decides to take this brief respite to give itself a breather. Settling into a relaxed pose, Blastoise does its best to clear its mind and regain a little bit of energy. That done, the turtle pokémon glances back down at the waves – Mr. Gassatoo still isn't visible – and decides to pep itself up for the time when its opponent does finally decide to come back to the fight.

Blastoise begins to sharpen its stance, giving itself mental encouragement and getting back into a fighting mindset, when almost out of nowhere Mr. Gassatoo slams into it from the side, knocking Blastoise straight off of the rock it's been standing on and into the water. The Gyarados, manages to make its arc out of the water look almost graceful – a feat, for such a large pokémon – and before hardly a moment has passed, it has returned to the waters and snaked its way back to its trainer.

While Blastoise regains its bearings, Mr. Gassatoo prepares another attack. Its opponent might be able to shoot Thunderbolts now, but the sea dragon is capable of something even greater. Crackling with static electricity that appears seemingly from nowhere, Mr. Gassatoo lets out a roar of strength as it equalizes a charge with the rainclouds above. A bolt of lightning seems to flow from the Gyarados's body up into the clouds, and just as Blastoise crawls back out of the water and onto surer footing, that electricity comes right back down. The Thunder attack is deafeningly loud, and searing for the poor victim – enough so that the electricity doesn't quite leave its system when the attack finally ends.

Blastoise grunts in pain, trying to shake itself off and regain composure, but it immediately notices an uncomfortable stiffness. Residual electricity. Great. Well, at least it doesn't need to be able to move to attack its opponent. Doing its best to harness this static electricity now inside itself (it fails, but still, it was at least worth a try), Blastoise gathers a charge in its cannons, and shoots a mimicked Thunderbolt at its opponent. Mr. Gassatoo was expecting the attack, but that doesn't make it any less damaging for the Gyarados, who lets out another deafening roar of pain. But the pain is necessary, because Gyarados is now in a position to finally crush its tired opponent.


I liek Squirtles (1/2 left)
Mr. Gassatoo
Ability: Intimidate
Health: 45%
Energy: 74%
Status: Primed for destruction.
Used: Dive (Down) ~ Dive (Up) ~ Thunder

Blastoise ♀ @ Water Stone
Ability: Rain Dish Insomnia
Health: 33%
Energy: 37%
Status: Feels in a bad spot. Severely paralyzed. Surrounded by Aqua Ring (1% health/action). 0 Chills left. Thunderbolt Mimicked. +2 Defense. +1 Special Attack.
Used: Chill ~ Work Up ~ Thunderbolt

Arena Status
  • The rain is pouring down. A harsh wind howls through the arena.

Damage and Energy
  • Mr. Gassatoo's Health: 64% - 19% (Thunderbolt) = 45%
  • Mr. Gassatoo's Energy: 85% - 3% (Dive) - 8% (Thunder) = 74%
  • Blastoise's Health: 52% - 6% (Dive) - 16% (Thunder) + 3% (Aqua Ring) = 33%
  • Blastoise's Energy: 35% + 10% (Chill) - 2% (Work Up) - 6% (Thunderbolt) = 37%

  • Month and a half, great time. We're getting through this at a good clip, I think.
  • Speed order: Mr. Gassatoo (81) > Blastoise (78). Mr. Gassatoo moved first on actions 1 and 3 (rolls: 46, 61 < 70) and second on action 2 (roll: 97 > 70).
  • ILS, that command string is really confusing. I'm choosing to interpret it as "Dive(up)+Roar if you move first, and Dive(up)~Thunder if you move second"; it could be made clearer that "Dive(up)+Roar" is meant as a combo move (hit with Dive and then use Roar) instead of just surfacing and using Roar, which would only take one action. Regardless, that didn't come into play this round anyway.
  • Thunderbolt costs 6% energy instead of 5% for Blastoise, as Mimic incurs a slight energy penalty.
  • Thunder managed to paralyze Blastoise.
  • ILS commands first.
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