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Default Re: The Suggestion Box

Same answer I gave before on the arena thing; people always seemed eager enough to post their arenas and add them to the archive, but as for people wanting to use stuff other people had made... it didn't really happen. But if you really want it back, sure.

Also, since there's the Dex Registry, custom attributes, custom attacks, ect, why not something for custom items?
The customizable elements of ASB are always very difficult to judge in terms of their brokenness, and mistakes can be made. Items, though, are even harder to judge than what you listed, as they don't affect a single individual or species of pokémon, but which can be used by anything and transferred between pokémon even in the middle of battle. Therefore, you have to consider not only how an item would affect one pokémon, but how it would affect every pokémon. This is why item effects tend to be so minor and generic; this is also why business-distributed body or move mods tend to be either relatively weak, restricted, or require individual approval. The idea of items is much less personalization and more utilitarian: they provide a small battle advantage and have the benefit of being usable by anything on your team, without adding much by way of "customization" to that pokémon. If a user were to be able to create all their own items, it would probably be difficult to make this distinction clear.

Also because it would be difficult to regulate the number of items a user could produce, and I don't want people filling up their PC's with a bajillion custom items. Items are supposed to cost.
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