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Default The State of the Forums

As you will probably have noticed, the forum server is awful, and you'll probably agree with me in being fed up with it. Most recently, the forums seem to have been showing a server busy message for several days straight (if accessed from the right IP - the "Temporarily Unavailable" message you were seeing at the address for a while is a different thing). To make the thing at least basically work, I disabled the server busy warning message, meaning you may encounter 500 errors instead (remember those?) when the forum is unable to connect to the database. Consider this forewarning.

But since all of this is highly annoying, I have a plan of attack, with several backup plans. The first is to try moving the forums to the main site's new server - I've been feeling bad leeching off Kat's generosity with this misbehaving forum for ages anyway, and hopefully the new server could handle the forums. If that alone is not enough (and probably still if it is), I will upgrade the forums to vBulletin 4 and see if that helps. If that still doesn't work, I will likely move to a host that actually specializes in hosting vBulletin forums, which is bound to be able to run this one.

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to put all of this into action, so it could take a bit before I have a large enough solid chunk of free time to do something on the level of moving the forums. I hope to get the opportunity some weekend in the hopefully near future. If the first plan of attack doesn't work, there might also be a delay before I can get to implementing the next, and so on. Thus, I ask for your patience while all this is going on. Hopefully we can get the forums permanently unborked before too long.
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