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Default Re: Pokemon Go

Originally Posted by Sandstone-Shadow View Post
I'm way weaker than the other people in my town :[ I don't know if I'll be able to catch up because won't they just keep getting stronger as I do?!
If you want to fight gyms, look for other people in your team. You can fight gyms cooperatively (although I'm not sure how stable the feature is).
Originally Posted by Espeon View Post
You'll encounter better and stronger Pokémon as your trainer levels up, and since the EXP required to level up increases in theory you should level up faster than they do! That said, they'll probably be ahead but, the gap should become smaller to the point that you'll be able to take on gyms and whatever. :-)

(Plus earlier on in the game you have more undiscovered Pokémon which will give you 500exp for each addition to the Pokédex which more experienced players can't get again!)
Could also mass evolve everything, which is likely at least part of why the others are ahead on levels. Also, there's a level where you can start getting lucky eggs, which boost every source of experience (even evolving, making mass evolution more effective) by 50% for 30 minutes. I'm level 9 and I got my first one so I'm guessing that's when you start getting them.

Gyms around me are held by Pokemon way stronger than mine, I've had no real hope. Honestly a lot of the fun is exploration though. However, the local card and board game shop has 2 Pokestops and a gym within it's lot, and all the folks working there are Team Instinct like me. We just need to boot Mystic out and seriously boost the prestige. Mystic holds another gym near me that's level 7 and packed with 1k+ CP Pokemon.
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