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Default Re: Under Construction Plz

Battle Etiquette
(Play nice, kiddies.)

Some of you may have already seen this Battle Etiquette beast. :D

1. Attacking
Yep, attacking. You'd think people wouldn't need to be told how to do this. :/
All attacks should be phrased as attempts. For example:
"Featherstar leaped at the Espeon with the fury in his eyes. The Sneasel brought down a two-clawed paw, aiming at the Espeon's shoulder."
This way, the Espeon, whoever it is, has a chance to leap out of the way. Abusing this will be addressed in the next rule.
Don't make your attacks too powerful, either. Yes, there's a lot of Pokemon RPs here (that makes sense, it's a fansite), and yes, one-on-one Pokemon battles tend to be short, but we're not going exactly by the game. :/

2. Defending
Your character can't block or dodge every attack. Your character is GOING to take damage. End of story.

3. Damage
When your character is wounded, your character is wounded. They stay wounded for a while and don't magically heal in two minutes, 'kay?

4. Fair Play
Don't intentionally ganging up on people, please! It's really not nice and sucks the fun right out of things!

5. Good Sportsmanship
Somebody's got to lose in a battle, or else it's not going to end. One character is either going to flee or die, and personally, I'd take fleeing. I don't care if your character is brave and strong. They're going to have to lose at some point, or else I'm going to have to smack you around with an alpacashark.

Play fair, remember what damage you've taken, and be a good sport. Again, we're all here just to have fun! :D

Avi by me, awesome banner of awesome by Hawkfish!
Thanks again!

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