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Default Re: The Suggestion Box

So, this might be a bit of a silly suggestion to some, but it's been an idea bugging the back of my mind for awhile. Could we perhaps have the option to specify a Pokémon's romantic preferences in relation to moves affected by gender without using up a signature attribute? It always kind of bothered me how.. well, how Attract works in general, but that Pokémon only show a single alignment ever, sans one case of the aforementioned attribute.
Basically, if you have a male Poké who's gay, attract would only work from other males. It wouldn't be the other way around though, a gay male 'mon couldn't woo a straight male 'mon, but a straight male 'mon could woo a gay male 'mon. Then, have Asexual as an option to just disable attract to and from all together.
...I know it's a slight, silly sort of thing, but hey, all inclusive right? :B Plus, some of my team, canonically (which is to say in my head) aren't straight, so yeah, it goes a long way to their overall individuality. It could go through approval in the registration office, if need be, the stop someone from saying EVERYONE'S ACE NO ATTRACT EVER.