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Originally Posted by Little Bluberry Bomb View Post
Except.. I sort of specified that /wasn't/ possible, it would obviously be the only balanced way to do it, and I still don't think it's broken - it just means.. Attract doesn't work, in either direction. I don't know from experience, but whereas someone who's gay is still interested in romance and grasps the concept as a whole, someone who's ace just.. doesn't care about it, might find it unsettling, what have you. Correct me if I'm wrong of course, because I'm a hormonal pansexual, but at very least it's a counterbalance to that particular loophole.
Uh what that is utter ridiculousness. It's not like our brains are wired to not understand sexuality. I understand it just fine. I just don't feel it. I really don't get what it is you're missing.

The point is that attract is acting. Faking it. I could easily manipulate someone into falling in love with me if I was in a fight with them and thought it would help me win. (Well, easily if I thought they could fall in love with me, but my point is the moral and squicky quandaries.)