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Default Re: The Suggestion Box

Originally Posted by Metallica Fanboy View Post
Why talk about what people can and can't do, when the discussion is whether a Pokémon could or couldn't?

Personally, I see little reason to implement that, seeing as it hardly makes a difference -- it's a whole system around one move (and one ability, but nobody mentioned that yet). And if sexuality is enough of an issue to warrant this change, then we might as well knock binary gender off and let people have Pokémon who identify as a gender other than their biological gender. Not saying the idea is ridiculous, of course.
Well, that would depend on your interpretation of pokémon intelligence. Running under the assumption that they're just about at human level, then they should be entirely capable of it if a human is. Not running under that assumption, well. That in particular seems more like it'd be up to the interpretation of the individual ref in any given situation, actually.

Also, for what it's worth, some people do have pokémon that identify as a gender other than their biological sex, though it's usually in the case of genderless pokémon and no one's bothered trying to actually tweak attract and cute charm's behavior with those little footnotes.