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Default Re: Noctowl vs Ether's Bane

Noctowl vs Etherís Bane

Challenge details
Format: 1v1 Singles
Style: Set
DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Rest
Arena Description: A small forest, with a few ogres sleeping in some camps in little alcoves in the forest. They will tend to leave pokemon alone, unless directly attacked, then they will do 5% damage to the nearest pokemon and go back to sleep.

Noctowl [O]
[Snap] Sandile (F) Moxie
Health: 15
Energy: 39
Fire Fang ~ Fire Fang / Thunder Fang ~ Fire Fang
Status: Highly amused and hoping this battle can actually get turned around.

Etherís Bane [O]
klefki lucky-egg
[Kallamehr] Klefki (M) Prankster @ Lucky Egg
Health: 32
Energy: 33
Torment ~ Toxic ~ Protect
Status: Frustrated that he hasnít won yet. Tormented by terrible luck and also in general (1 more action, for the status at least).
Accuracy -2

Round Seven

Öw-well, maybe Kallamehr shouldnít be spamming the same move all the time, but what about Snap? Didnít she do the thing with the earthquakes? And he bets sheís going to try to spam the same move this time too, because sheís got that stupid hope that she can win when he can take her out pretty easily at this point.

Snap winces, unable to deny the truth of that, butÖ well, itís okay. Her trainer had the foresight to deal with this. Flames erupt from her teeth and she dives at Kallamehr and shows off her namesakeóher jaws snap down on Kallamehrís keyring, the flames melting the metal, although she winces when she dislodges her fangs. She full-out cringes when she gets a face-full of poison, fortunately missing her eyes but unfortunately getting right in her mouth. Maybe doing that again isnít a good idea. She spits out the poison, then decides to try something else. Electricity crackles around her fangs instead of flames, and she leaps at Kallamehr and snaps down again. Her fangs hurt more than beforeóthe lightning not doing much to soften the metalóbut Kallamehrís cry, more of pain than mere shock, tells her sheís really struck home. She pushes off again and offers a toothy grin to the new bite-marks along the metal bit sticking out of the top of his head. She probably couldíve done something stronger, but itís hard to argue with these results.

Itíd be bad to spam that attack just because it worked, though, right. She probably has better things in her arsenal than fire fang too, but as long as itís different from last time maybe he wonít adapt to it too much. Flames lick at her fangs and she dives at him again, but this time is blocked by a familiar transparent barrier.

Kallamehr drops the shield, a bit relieved that didnít hit, but now that the dark tendrils of Snapís words are no longer clinging to his soul, he canít help but wonder if he shouldnít have spammed something after all.

End of Round Seven

Noctowl [O]
[Snap] Sandile (F) Moxie
Health: 14
Energy: 30
Fire Fang ~ Thunder Fang (crit) ~ Fire Fang (blocked)
Status: Trying to ignore her nausea, and otherwise feeling pretty good.
Poisoned (toxic, 1% this round)

Etherís Bane [O]
klefki lucky-egg
[Kallamehr] Klefki (M) Prankster @ Lucky Egg
Health: 11
Energy: 20
Torment ~ Toxic ~ Protect
Status: Hurt and exhausted and kind of wishing heíd just attacked instead.
Accuracy -2

- Thunder fang scored a critical hit.
- The second fire fang was blocked by protect.
- You guys do know Iíve been speed-reffing because I wanted the battle to end at some point, right?

Next round:
- Etherís Bane issues commands
- Noctowl issues commands
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