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Default Re: Noctowl vs Ether's Bane

Noctowl vs Ether’s Bane

Challenge details
Format: 1v1 Singles
Style: Set
DQ: 1 week
Damage Cap: 35%
Banned/Restricted Moves: OHKOs, Rest
Arena Description: A small forest, with a few ogres sleeping in some camps in little alcoves in the forest. They will tend to leave pokemon alone, unless directly attacked, then they will do 5% damage to the nearest pokemon and go back to sleep.

Noctowl [O]
[Snap] Sandile (F) Moxie
Health: 14
Energy: 30
Fire Fang ~ Fire Fang ~ Fire Fang
Status: Trying to ignore her nausea, and otherwise feeling pretty good.
Poisoned (toxic, 2% this round)

Ether’s Bane [O]
klefki lucky-egg
[Kallamehr] Klefki (M) Prankster @ Lucky Egg
Health: 11
Energy: 20
Play Rough / Reflect ~ Play Rough / Reflect ~ Play Rough / Flash Cannon
Status: Hurt and exhausted and kind of wishing he’d just attacked instead.
Accuracy -2

Round Eight

The referee, pen poised over the cheques given out to the winning and losing trainers, pauses as it hears the last set of orders. Then it stares up at the sky for a very long time.

Meanwhile, Kallamehr’s desire to end the battle with one strike has finally aligned with that of his trainer’s, and he dives at Snap—and straight past her. She turns around, more fire spewing from her fangs, and snaps at his keys, but Kallamehr twists out of the way and dives at her a second time. He goes flying past her shoulder again, and she turns to dive at him again, this time her bite actually meeting its mark. Kallamehr tears himself from her jaws, shaking now—barely holding onto consciousness and tired besides—and he wonders how it ever came to this. If that attack had been stronger, he would have actually lost, a thought that would have been impossible just a few rounds ago. He shakes himself with another clinking of keys. This time, he knows, the battle will actually be decided. Snap meets his eyes with the same determination. It’ll come down to luck and aim, now.

And this time Kallamehr’s aim is true. He dives at Snap, and she’s too slow to get out of the way. A playful drive bubbles up within Kallamehr, relief and anticipation of victory mixing into something almost like joy, and he smacks Snap with his keys, emitting a laugh that sounds more hysterical than fun. And this, as promised, is too much for Snap. The playful blows are still heavy enough to hurt, and a final strike upside her jaw sends the last threads of her consciousness floating away.

End of Battle

Noctowl [O]
[Snap] Sandile (F) Moxie
Health: 0
Energy: 24
Fire Fang (miss) ~ Fire Fang
Status: Fainted.
Poisoned (toxic, 2% this round)

Ether’s Bane [O]
klefki lucky-egg
[Kallamehr] Klefki (M) Prankster @ Lucky Egg
Health: 2
Energy: 8
Play Rough (miss) ~ Play Rough (miss) ~ Play Rough
Status: Victorious—barely.
Accuracy -2

Noctowl recalls her sandile, and Kallamehr tiredly drifts toward his trainer for a hug or maybe some commiseration. Seeing how close Kallamehr is to unconsciousness himself, Ether’s Bane recalls the klefki too. Victory celebrations or commiserations can come later.

The referee buries its head in its hands, then quickly scribbles out something written on the cheques before handing them to Ether’s Bane and Noctowl, not even bothering to stuff them into professional-looking envelopes this time. Granted, these are somewhat of a relic from ancient times when cheques had to be given to the bank rather than entered automatically, but they’re probably symbolic of… something. They’d look the part if not for the numerous scratched-out names on the pay to the order of lines.

It firmly ignores all comments along the lines of hey, that was a close battle, wasn’t it, and sends out a gallade to drag everyone back to Asber.

- Kallamehr’s first two play roughs missed. What did you do to so drastically offend the random number gods, Ether’s Bane? (Twice now you would’ve won early if you’d used dazzling gleam instead of play rough, as it has a 10% higher accuracy rating. That’s ignoring torment and the entire seventh round, of course. Alas, your choices and the whims of chance never aligned.)
- Snap’s first fire fang missed too. (I almost thought you were gaming Ether’s Bane to not think about magnet rise last round, so that you could finish him off with earthquake this round. It would’ve worked!)
- Snap fainted on the third action.
- Ether’s Bane wins the battle.

- Ether’s Bane receives $8 for winning. Kallamehr receives 2 exp and 2 happiness.
- Noctowl receives $4. Snap receives 2 exp and 1 happiness.
- I get $5.

Note that lucky egg comes into effect for the pokémon sent in holding it, and that acquiring the lucky egg later has no effect whatsoever.
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