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Default Re: The Omskivar vs Legendaryseeker99

Leafpaw, use Quick Attack and try to bowl over Frankie. Stand on top of him and try to keep him down: he may be a bit heavier than you, but you're stronger. Next, Snarl at your opponents. Lastly, Scary Face Frankie.

Quick Attack @Frankie~Snarl~Scary Face @Frankie

Rasvata, use Extrasensory on Jaffacakes. First, get into his mind. When (if) you can feel him concentrating on the Trick Room, unleash the Extrasensory on him. Next, Safeguard. We don't want any Poisons or Burns on us. Finally, Disable Frankie's Earthquake.

Extrasensory @Jaffacakes~Safeguard~Disable @Frankie
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