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Default Re: The Omskivar vs Legendaryseeker99

Okay Leafpaw, start off with a Magnet Rise. Eliminate that weakness! Then, Snarl again. Those two won't be so tough if their Special attacks don't hit as effectively. Finally, Ice Fang Frankie.

Magnet Rise~Snarl~Ice Fang @Frankie

Rasvata, we must first Psychic Frankie into Jaffacakes to activate the first step of our disrupting plan. Then, use Imprison to execute the final step of out totally evil master plan of world distruction enemy disruption! Finally, Faint Attack Jaffacakes to escape that pesky rocky prison (and hit his weak points for massive damage, to boot!)

Psychic @Frankie~Imprison~Faint Attack @Jaffacakes
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