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Default Re: The Omskivar vs Legendaryseeker99

The Omskivar [OOOOO]
[Frankie] Nidoking (M) <Poison point>
Health: 90%
Energy: 82% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Unnerved.
Condition: Earthquake disabled (4 more actions) | - 2 speed, - 1 special attack, - 1 attack, - 1 accuracy
Moves used: Earthquake x3

The Omskivar [OOOOO]
[Jaffacake] dusknoir (M) <Pressure> reaper-cloth
Health: 84%
Energy: 87% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Still in good shape for the most part.
Condition - 1 special attack, - 1 attack, - 1 Accuracy
Moves used: Trick room ~ Toxic @Rasvata ~ Rock slide

Legendaryseeker99 [OOOOO]
[Leafpaw] luxray (M) <Intimidate>
Health: 65% (Capped)
Energy: 92% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Bruised and grumpy.
Condition - 1 attack, - 1 Accuracy | Safeguard active (Four more actions)
Moves used: Quick attack @Frankie ~ Snarl ~ Scary face @Frankie

Legendaryseeker99 [OOOOO]
[Rasvata] ninetales (F) <Flash fire>
Health: 65% (Capped)
Energy: 89% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Looking all shook up and raring for revenge.
Condition Poisoned (Severe, 1% this round, 2% the next) | - 1 attack, - 1 Accuracy | Safeguard active (Four more actions)
Moves used: Extrasensory @Jaffacake ~ Safeguard ~ Disable @Frankie

Round two

With his eye set firmly on his target, Jaffacake drifts seamlessly through the air, then stops to loom overhead the vengeful looking Ninetales. Rasvata gives a snarl as she spots him, but the psychic charge in the air is making her agility work against her, and she is unable to react to his advance. Jaffacake watches on with amusement at Rasvataís sluggish movement, then idly waves his arms over the struggling Ninetales. A thick, black aura of ghostly energy shimmers into life around his hands, then rapidly creeps down toward Rasvata, where it covers her in translucent shroud of black. Rasvata stops struggling, then shivers madly, giving a groan of revulsion at the feeling the spiteful aura imposes on her.

With a growl, Frankie smashes his fist against the tortured earth, and another alarming crack splits across the ground, rapidly snaking down to meet the other array of faults. As it nears the worst of the damaged ground, a loud rumbling begins to issue from deep within the earth, causing Leafpaw and Rasvata to shift about nervously. The rumbling quickly rises into a loud roar, and the earth bursts wide open as a plume of red hot power erupts from the ruins. Rasvata and Leafpaw instinctively leap back, but itís clear that they arenít the target of Frankieís attack; the Nidoking has other plans. As the light fades, a deep fissure is left near the centre of the cave, adding to the array of hazards the ruined flooring now presents.

Although relieved that the attack wasnít aimed at him, Leafpaw is fully aware that his luck wonít last forever, and heís all too eager to take precautions. He lowers his head as he lapses into concentration, and his mane begins to bristle with electricity. The sparks gradually snake around his whole body, illuminating him with a yellow glow. As the glow intensifies, Leafpaw begins to drift upwards, his spiky form hovering above the ruins of the cave floor. He paddles his paws and careens about somewhat awkwardly before he manages to get the grip of the whole levitation thing, but soon enough, heís floating about with as much grace as Jaffacake himself.

Rasvata canít help but feel a bit jealous of her partnerís new trick; she really isnít enjoying navigating the hap-hazard flooring. To make things worse, her next command isnít ringing any bells with her. She gives it a try anyway, and squeezes her eyes shut as she attempts to focus her own psychic power. Unfortunately, while she certainly does possess some psi power herself, this particular move is just too advanced for her. Try as she might, she just canít seem to master the technique.

Jaffacake gives a raspy laugh as he sees Rasvataís dismayed look, then drifts over to her again, revelling in his temporary agility. He points at the ravaged earth beneath Rasvataís paws, and another loud rumbling is soon audible; a sound that the battlers are quickly growing used to. Rasvata looks around wildly for an escape, but her limbs still feel sluggish and useless, and the ground beneath her cracks open before she can make an escape. She gives a yelp of pain and fear as pillars of rocks surround her from all sides, boxing her in and crushing her with their heavy embrace.

Leafpaw looks on helplessly as his distressed partner looks out fearfully from behind her rocky prison. Rasvata is scratching desperately at the rocks, but her foes arenít finished with her just yet. Frankie grunts and lumbers forth, his heavy movement still surprisingly fluid and swift from the effects of the trick room. He smashes his fists into the floor with a growl, and yet another crack streaks forward, heading straight for Rasvata. She immediately begins to struggle harder, but to no avail, and she gives a howl of pain as the earth beneath her paws erupts in a bright blast of golden energy, leaving a nasty gash across her seared stomach. The attack also blasts a gaping hole in the middle of Rasvataís rocky prison, though the dazed Ninetales is barely aware of the glimmer of hope.

Leafpaw casts another anxious look towards his partner before he turns towards his foes with renewed fury. He bares his fangs and lets out a low, threatening snarl laced with a bitter aura of dark energy. Frankie freezes in place when he hears the familiar sound, and he shrinks back a little, his earlier fear of the vicious Luxray quickly resurfacing. Jaffacake holds his head in his hands and swiftly backs off, shivering and shaking. Leafpaw snaps his jaws shut with a grin as he sees his cowed opponents, and hopes thatíll keep their egos deflated for a bit.

As her foes are left cringing, the shell-shocked Rasvata takes the opportunity to gather her wits. She pokes her head out of the sizeable gap in the tomb, and her eyes take on a sinister red glow as she mutters the words to an arcane sealing spell. Gradually, her whole body lights up with the same deep red of her eyes, and with a hissing snarl, she maliciously spits out the final words of the spell. The blood red glow abruptly blinks out with one last dazzling flash, and the startled Dusknoir and Nidoking are left with a nagging feeling of discontent.

Jaffacake gives a low groan as he uncertainly drifts upwards again, his single eye darting about nervously. He's only too happy to try and put some distance between himself and that menacing Luxray, and he hastily waves his shaking hands as latches onto Leafpaw with a wave of psychic energy. Leafpaw growls in agitation as his gentle drifting is disturbed, and he gives a startled howl as he is abruptly flung forward into the gaping fissure below. He strikes the rock with a harsh bang, and quickly finds himself being pushed down further into the opening by Jaffacakes' psychic grip. Leafpaw definitely isn't going to take this lying down however, and he viciously pushes back against the ghost's hold, putting his new levitation powers to the test as he fights to escape. Jaffacakes' eye widens in surprise and he strains to keep Leafpaw down, but he is eventually forced to relinquish his grip as Leafpaw bursts upwards with a sudden show of strength.

Frankie looks on despairingly as he sees Leafpaw make his hasty escape; he was really hoping his partner could take that loud-mouthed Luxray out of commission for a bit. No such luck though, so he's going to have to deal with it. Grumbling and muttering to himself, Frankie smashes his fists into the ruined ground again, swiftly triggering another eruption from underneath Rasvata and further searing her with burning energy.

Leafpaw is all too eager to avenge his partner however, and he dives through the air with his fangs bared in a snarl. A plume of frosty breath emerges from his jaws as he charges, and he lunges straight for the startled Nidoking. Frankie winces and covers his face with his arms, but luckily for him, Leafpaw's fangs come nowhere near him. Whether it's due to his lack of familiarity with his newfound levitation, or the sharp glare of the glowing rocks around them, Leafpaw completely overshoots his target and careens wildly through the air. Leafpaw flails about wildly before he regains his balance, and narrowly avoids sinking his teeth into solid rock. With a groan of embarrassment, Leafpaw floats backwards, barely managing to avoid the jagged rocks jutting upwards from the ravaged earth.

While Leafpaw hisses and spits in fury, the battered looking Rasvata struggles to her feet again. The concentrated flurry of attacks has really taken its toll on her, and the Ninetales is left looking worse for wear with all the deep gashes and cuts along her body. She sinks down and closes her eyes, and her body gradually begins to fade from view. Jaffacakes is completely unprepared when she makes her reappearance right in front of him, and she immediately lunges at him with her exposed fangs. She tears into the ghost, searing his body with burning dark energy and causing him to squirm in pain.

As Jaffacakes hastily bats her away, he suddenly feels the psychic charge in the air begin to fade, much to his disappointment. The Dusknoir's body feels heavy and graceless, while Rasvata feels the strength come flooding back into her limbs. It's of little consolation to her however, as she finds herself panting heavily from the pain of her wounds when she lands back among the jagged rocks.

End of round two

The Omskivar [OOOOO]
[Frankie] Nidoking (M) <Poison point>
Health: 86%
Energy: 67% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Still a bit nervous.
Condition: Earthquake disabled (One more action) | - 2 speed, - 2 special attack, - 1 attack, - 1 accuracy
Moves used: Earth power ~ Earth power @ Rasvata x2

The Omskivar [OOOOO]
[Jaffacake] dusknoir (M) <Pressure> reaper-cloth
Health: 71%
Energy: 74% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Somewhat shaken.
Condition - 2 special attack, - 1 attack, - 1 Accuracy
Moves used: Spite ~ Rock tomb @ Rasvata ~ Psychic @ Leafpaw

Legendaryseeker99 [OOOOO]
[Leafpaw] luxray (M) <Intimidate>
Health: 57%
Energy: 80% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Furious with himself over his screw up.
Condition - 1 attack, - 1 Accuracy | Safeguard active (One more action), Levitating (Three more actions)
Moves used: Magnet rise ~ Snarl ~ Ice fang @Frankie (Missed)

Legendaryseeker99 [OOOOO]
[Rasvata] ninetales (F) <Flash fire>
Health: 30%
Energy: 78% | Chills: 0/3
Status: Feeling terrible.
Condition Poisoned (Severe, 2% this round, 3% the next), Disable spited | - 1 attack, - 1 speed, - 1 Accuracy | Safeguard active (One more action)
Moves used: Psychic (Failed) ~ Imprison ~ Faint attack @ Jaffacakes

Arena notes

The cave floor is badly cracked and warped, and a large fissure is visible near the center of the cave, along with the remnants of the crumbling rock tomb.

Battle notes

- Imprison is active, to last for eight more actions. Safeguard, extrasensory, faint attack and disable are all sealed on Omskivar's side.
- Ninetales cannot learn psychic.
- Leafpaw was dumped into the fissure by psychic, but he was easily able to escape thanks to his newfound levitation. He took extra damage from the impact though.
- Legendaryseeker99 attacks first.