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Default Re: The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

Originally Posted by Flora View Post
]For me personally, gender isn't really something I think about terribly often? I do prefer she/her pronouns and I'm cool with being called a girl but other than that it just....doesn't really come to mind all that often?

It's exceptionally perplexing because I know how I think about things is kinda atypical a lot of the time, so I don't know if this is generally how cis people think about gender or just how I personally think about gender and it's just. confusing. I really don't know.
that is pretty much the standard "cis way of thinking about gender" for lack of a better expression

if you weren't cis you'd very likely have feelings that something was not quite right

as for the identifying out of male/female because society's expectations of gender then i've never understood how being like "i don't like society saying i should do x because i am y, therefore I AM NO LONGER Y NOW NOBODY CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO"
y'know instead of like
doing whatever the fuck you want /anyway/ and trying to break those stupid standards
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