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Default Re: The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)

Originally Posted by Jolty View Post
that is pretty much the standard "cis way of thinking about gender" for lack of a better expression

if you weren't cis you'd very likely have feelings that something was not quite right
Originally Posted by Crazy Linoone View Post

For many cis people, it's less of "I feel really strongly <gender>" and more of "I don't mind being <gender> and I don't really want to change so...".
Ah, okay! That makes a lot of sense.

In other QUILTBAG news, I guess, my school was supposed to have an "LGBT forum" discussing how non-cis non-straight students are treated, but the moderator wound up canceling it and from the sounds of it he was very likely pressured into doing so; my friend (who's a writer for our school paper) was writing an article and interviewed some people about it and they really really avoided the topic and there were some...not-great things said.

The article was super-impartial about the whole situation (and props to him, because he made it very clear to me separately that he was not happy) but there seems to be a lot of people who are incredibly disappointed about it, especially since the article also mentioned that they won't allow an LGBT club because it would exclude straight/cis kids OR a gay-straight alliance because...I don't know? I don't think anyone knows.

Catholic schools, man, what are you gonna do.

(Actually this was what I was IMMEDIATELY greeted with when I met my friends for formal: "HEY RACHEL DID YOU KNOW THERE WAS AN LGBT FORUM PLANNED?")
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