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Default Re: Misc. Database Typos/Minor Mistakes

Originally Posted by Eifie View Post
It should probably say in Hustle's database entry that it affects damaging moves only. And speaking of Hustle, nothing ever came of this; do you think it should affect only physical attacks in ASB as in the games? (Also, this doesn't go here, but I do wonder if Hustle will ever be un-nerfed as has been I think extensively discussed.)
Went ahead and specified Hustle to physical damaging moves, as I'm figuring Negrek's admission back there probably counts as grounds for an immediate fix.

(Well, not discussed extensively enough for any proposed solution to gain traction at all, as far as I recall. I did try to start that discussion again in Suggestion Box when I was sweeping the backlog, so, it's there to bring up.)

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