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Default Re: Best Wishes is the best Pokemon Series and X/Y is the worst

I don't agree that best wishes is the best series, but I DO agree that x and y is the worst (amourshippers are the current boon of the entire pokemon fandom. seriously...).

(...I still love korrina's episodes for x and y, though. but, thats like, it :/ pretty much a lot of the series is unwatchable due to amourshipping)

Its a little hard to believe my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE EPS are also from the same series that has the worst pokemon shipping, but, alas, forgive me. I am head over heals in love with that dang skater girl lol Its it is.....xDDD But Serena can just burn to ashes and i don't mean the kind that those annoying shippers act like jerks over >___<;;;

Korrina=The TRUE Kalos Queen. Korrina rules, Serena drools lol

Oh and the best pokemon series is D/P, hands down. I like pearlshipping's fandom, its so nice :)
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