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Default Re: Best Wishes is the best Pokemon Series and X/Y is the worst

Originally Posted by Jirachu View Post
Hoenn's very nostalgic to me :) It came out around when I first became a pokemon fan ^_^ So, naturally its my second favorite series, after sinnoh :3

May's really funny and cute too ^_^ And I love her ultra girly pokemon xD
Hoenn is super nostalgic for me too! I was SO into Pokémon during gen three. xD It's when my interest in the series peaked, really, so it makes sense. I watched Hoenn eps a lot during gen three, especially later on, after I was able to get the R/S/E games.

May is my favorite of Ash's traveling companions. I really like her personality, her design, and her Pokémon. Plus she reminds me so much of the fun times I had during gen three. :)
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